6 Typical Turkish Food, from Dondurma to Kofte

Compiled from various sources, here are some typical Turkish dishes that are worth tasting if you have the opportunity to visit Turkey.

1. Dondurma

This Turkish ice cream is not only popular for its unique taste, but also for its sellers who usually sell it with a little attraction to attract customers. Besides that, its sticky texture like chewing gum is the uniqueness of Dondurma ice cream.

This typical Turkish food that is loved by children and adults alike is mixed with an ointment made from young orchid root flour and mastic plant sap.

2. Baklavas

Baklava is a typical Turkish food in the form of sweet bread covered with nuts. This bread is usually served with honey and syrup to add to the delicacy.

Historically, Baklava has been a dish for Turkish citizens since the Ottoman Empire. This was proven by the discovery of a recipe from the 14th century in China where at that time Baklava was called gullach.

3. Kumpir

Kumpir can easily be found in night markets or on the side of the road sold by street vendors. This street food is widely sold in Ortakoy, Istanbul.

Kumpir is a dish of baked potatoes together with a variety of toppings such as vegetables, sausages, and this sauce has a delicious savory taste.

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