6 Typical Turkish Food, from Dondurma to Kofte

4. Simit

At first glance, this Turkish food has a shape resembling a donut, round with a hole in the middle and topped with sesame seeds. Simit is often used as a breakfast menu and is sometimes served in combination with cheese, sausages and various other toppings.

This typical Turkish food is legendary, because it is said that Simit was first created in the 16th century.

5. Pide

Pide resembles a pizza with a variety of toppings. Even this typical food has earned the nickname ‘Turkish Pizza’. However, the difference can be immediately seen from the unique shape of the Pide bread, which is folded and elongated so that it is shaped like a leaf.

Pide is a flatbread that is baked in an oven with the traditional cooking process using wood fire. Pide also comes with a variety of toppings, ranging from eggs, minced lamb, pastrami, vegetables and cheese.

6. Coffee

Kofte is a main dish that is often served with rice. This dish is often served at a banquet with family or friends.

Kofte is similar to a small steak made from ground chicken, beef or goat mixed with various spices and then grilled, boiled or fried.

At the beginning of its spread, this food came from immigrants from Turkey to Western Europe and the Netherlands. Because the taste is considered delicious, this food is also s increasingly mushrooming and spreading in many other countries.(*)

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