7 Tourist Attractions in Turkey with Stunning Views

Galata Bridge
When crossing the bridge that was built in 1835, you will see a view that presents 2 different sides, namely European and Asian-style buildings. This bridge consists of 2 levels, the upper part of the bridge is used for vehicle and pedestrian transportation, while the lower level is filled with cafes and restaurants which have been open to the public since 2003. If you want to see the view from this bridge, evening and night are the best times. the best. Usually when the afternoon comes, this bridge will be more crowded with visitors. You can fill your stomach while accompanied by a beautiful sunset view. The most popular culinary at Galata Bridge is Balik Ekmek, a snack made of grilled fish and bread.

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace used to be the sultan’s residence which was built in 1459, so that there are many facilities inside, including those that were used as hospitals, schools, dormitories, libraries, gardens and mosques. But now Topkapi Palace has been used as a museum.

Istiklal Street

Shopping tourism has always succeeded in becoming an important part of the traveler. A popular shopping destination in Turkey is Istiklal Street, which is located in the city of Istanbul. Stretching along 1.4 km, you can find various types of goods such as clothes, books and chocolate. There are also nightclubs, cinemas, restaurants and many more exciting entertainment venues. Every day this street is always packed with visitors and on weekends, nearly 3 million visitors crowd this tourist spot in Turkey.

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