30+ Newest Banned Video Site Addresses 2022

30+ Newest Prohibited Video Site Addresses 2022 & Easy Ways to Open Them— Of course, there is a reason why the Indonesian government has taken strict action against banned video addresses. In recent years, the government has been very active in blocking Positive Internet on adult sites, 18+ sites, online gambling sites, and radical sites.

The adult-only application is allegedly containing harmful content. In fact, not all blocked sites actually present vulgar content. Take Reddit, for example, a forum website that provides a lot of useful and useful information that remains blocked. But don’t worry, Jaka has a way to open the address of the banned video site that you can try to access the list of banned video addresses and illegal sites in Indonesia. Oh yes, Jaka has also prepared a list of no-censored bokeh museum film links for you, you know. Everything is 100% working! But first, make sure you’re 18 years old and over, gang.

It’s no secret that blue websites containing adult video content are indeed prohibited from being in Indonesia by the government. So don’t be surprised if until now the number of banned adult video site addresses that are blocked is increasing in number, gang.

For example, the following list of banned video web addresses. 1. Netflix Forbidden Video Address Netflix is ​​actually a legal streaming platform that can be accessed by Indonesian citizens. However, recently Netflix has been threatened with being blocked by the Indonesian government due to licensing issues.

On the other hand, Netflix does contain quite a lot of adult content which makes not all users able to access this one platform. In Indonesia, this kind of content was blocked by internet service providers such as IndiHome or Telkomsel. Even though it’s not anymore.

2. Vimeo Forbidden Video Address Adult content is obscene. Obviously, this is what makes Vimeo on the list of banned video addresses for the Indonesian government, especially Kominfo.

Vimeo itself has been blocked since May 9, 2014 because it was considered to contain inappropriate and immoral content. Even though it was temporarily opened, you still can’t access Vimeo until now, gang.

3. Reddit Forbidden Video Address Then there is the Reddit site which is considered one of the banned sites and finally got blocked. Who wouldn’t protest if the biggest online forum site in the world was blocked? The banned website, which is similar to Kaskus in Indonesia, is intended to be a center for information and discussion from various users around the world. Unfortunately you still can’t open Reddit until now. The reason is because there is still a lot of adult content milling about on this site.

4. Tumblr Forbidden Video Address The ups and downs of Tumblr have colored the list of sites blocked by the Indonesian government. Tumblr, which used to be known as a place to post cool, funny photos, and even quotes, is now considered a social media platform that spreads adult content, including LGBT values. Even though similar microblogging services, such as Twitter, are also filled with such content, they can still be accessed today, you know. Anyone know why?

5. Imgur Forbidden Video Address Indeed, Imgur is a site for sharing viral photos or funny and hilarious memes that are being discussed online. But also, this site contains a collection of short videos in GIF format in it, gang. Oh yes, until now Imgur is still banned by the Indonesian government.

The reason is, Imgur is considered to allow its users to spread adult content on their platform, you know.

6. YouTube (Address of Unexpected Banned Site) Forbidden Video Address Are you sure Jaka didn’t put YouTube on the list of banned video websites in Indonesia? This is because this video sharing site, which is known to be free and free for you to access, turns out to have some video content that is not available, especially in some countries. If you encounter this and want to watch it, of course you have to do some settings to solve this YouTube problem, gang. Provocative & Radical Content Prohibited Video Site Address Tranquility is one of the things that is needed so that conditions in the community remain calm.

Therefore, the existence of banned sites with provocative and radical video content is certainly something that the government needs to fight. For example, the following sites were blocked by the government for spreading provocative and radical video content, such as the following.

1. Bisyarah Forbidden Video Address First, there is a site called Bisyarah which was blocked by the government because its contents were considered negatively charged. Bisyarah itself is actually not a site that focuses on video content, but rather focuses on news or news about Islam. Much of the content in it is considered provocative and radical, which is feared to cause unrest in the community. So don’t be surprised if in the end the government through the Minister of Communication and Information had to block this site in 2017, gang.

2. Gensyiah Forbidden Video Address From the name alone, surely you already know why this site became a victim of government blocking? Yep! Gensyiah is considered to have radical and provocative content. To avoid division and commotion in society, therefore this site was finally blocked by the government along with the Bisyarah site that Jaka explained earlier, gang.

Moreover, Shia is also still known as one of the sects of Islam that has a negative connotation in most circles of society. Video Site Addresses Forbidden Content Piracy For those of you who often watch streaming movies, you know that there are lots of banned video addresses that contain pirated movie content.

Free frills are certainly the main attraction why this kind of site is still sought after by fans, even though it has been clearly banned by the government.

To date, the government has blocked at least more than 20 website addresses that provide allegedly pirated film content. Here’s the full list:
1. Ganool Ganool entered into one of the banned video addresses, for sharing pirated films. But uniquely, until now there are many alternative Ganool site addresses that you can access, you know. Whether it’s a genuine site or a fake, of course, it’s at your own risk when you try to access it, gang.

2. IndoXXI (IndoXX1) In addition to Ganool, IndoXXI is also a site for downloading movies as well as watching other illegal streams that have been blocked by the government. However, a pop-up will appear that makes you unable to click on anything on the site and pop-up ads cannot be removed.

3. Gathering Kumpulbagi seems to be on the list of the next banned video sites that are blocked by the government because of their pirated content that violates the law, gang.

In addition to the three sites above, the following is a list of sites or website addresses suspected of providing pirated films.

Alamat Situs Film Dewasa Terlarang

Above, ApkVenue has given examples of banned video sites. The government’s decision to block some of the sites above is indeed questionable because some of them are not so vulgar in providing adult content. It’s another case with banned adult film sites on the list below.

The content is indeed very explicit and vulgar, so it is more appropriate to call it a po*no site aka “bokeh”. Then, what are the banned adult film sites that are blocked because of pornographic content? Check the list below, yes. X**X.com XH**ster.com XV***os.com P**Hb.com HQP***er.com D**t*ex.com B**zz*s.com etc… List of Latest

No Censorship Bokeh Museum Films 2022 The list of addresses for banned video sites above does not all offer really explicit bokeh museum content. Well, it’s different from the list of links for the latest no-censored 2022 bokeh museum film, which Jaka will share below. These sites really serve the content you are looking for! But the condition is, you have to use only certain keywords to be able to find them to avoid Google censorship. If you use the right keywords, these videos will definitely show up. Just try it, come on.

Yandex Free Bokeh Full All Japanese Apk Yandex Blue Korea Full Video Bokeh No Sensor Yandex Browser Russia Xxnamexx Mean in Korea Apk Twitter Bokeh Full Bokeh Lights Bokeh Video Film Bokeh Full Bokeh Lights Bokeh Video Download 2020 TikTok Museum Viral Videos 2021 Viral Video 2021 Wik Wik On Social Media Film Bokeh Full Bokeh Lights Bokeh Video HD No Censor Youtube Viral Video at Jogja Airport 2021 Bokeh Museum Sexxxxyyyy Bokeh Videos 18++ Se 2021 Telegram Bokeh Video Full HD China 4000 Twitter TikTok Museum Viral Videos 2021 Bokeh Xnxubd 2020 Nvidia Video Yandex Japanese Translation Bokeh Japanese Translation Facebook 111.90 l50 182 Bokeh Video Full HD Streaming Download Xnview Japanese Filename Bokeh Full Apk Bokeh Museum Sexxxxyyyy Bokeh Videos 18++ Se 2021 Twitter Twin Celebrity Viral Video 185 63 253 2001 Hot Museum Russia The Hottest 2018 Bokeh Museum Videos on Twitter Full Bokeh Museum Videos 111.90 l50 182 1111.90 l50 204 Bokeh Videos 111.90 l50 182 Bokeh Video Full HD Streaming Download 2021 45.76.333.444 Latest Local Museum Bokeh Video Links Full 21+ Bokeh Film Video Korean Meaning Original Trendsmap Link Download Latest Link to Watch the Latest South Korean Bokeh Videos Sub Indo HOT 18 Link Xnxubd Video Japan China Bokeh Full Version Free Mp4 Twitter Video Bokeh Meseum Viral Vidio Wik-Wik Artist Full Link Latest Bokeh Video HD Link 111.90.l50.182 1111.90 l50 204 Download Update

But make sure you are 18 years and over before accessing the bokeh internet museum 2022 link below. 111.90 l.150.204 Indonesia Viral Video Wikwik Full No Sensor Link Latest Already know the list of links, right? Now you must know how to open the 2022 viral museum video bokeh film. Read the article below to find out in full! How to Access the Latest Government Blocked Video Sites 2022 How to Open Government Blocked Sites 51f5c Photo source: shutterstock.com – How to Access Blocked Video Sites Already know the reason why the list of video sites above is banned and blocked in Indonesia? But for those of you who want to keep accessing it not for negative things, Jaka also has a way to access sites that are blocked by the government, here. Although there are sites that present vulgar and materially and morally harmful content, there are sites that are actually harmless at all.

It’s even useful. You can try to access sites that you feel still have these benefits in the way that ApkVenue has presented in full above. But keep in mind, that it’s best if you are aged 18+ to open it so that you are ready to take on various risks yourself. Good luck!

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