30+ Newest Banned Video Site Addresses 2022

30+ Newest Prohibited Video Site Addresses 2022 & Easy Ways to Open Them— Of course, there is a reason why the Indonesian government has taken strict action against banned video addresses. In recent years, the government has been very active in blocking Positive Internet on adult sites, 18+ sites, online gambling sites, and radical sites.

The adult-only application is allegedly containing harmful content. In fact, not all blocked sites actually present vulgar content. Take Reddit, for example, a forum website that provides a lot of useful and useful information that remains blocked. But don’t worry, Jaka has a way to open the address of the banned video site that you can try to access the list of banned video addresses and illegal sites in Indonesia. Oh yes, Jaka has also prepared a list of no-censored bokeh museum film links for you, you know. Everything is 100% working! But first, make sure you’re 18 years old and over, gang.

It’s no secret that blue websites containing adult video content are indeed prohibited from being in Indonesia by the government. So don’t be surprised if until now the number of banned adult video site addresses that are blocked is increasing in number, gang.

For example, the following list of banned video web addresses. 1. Netflix Forbidden Video Address Netflix is ​​actually a legal streaming platform that can be accessed by Indonesian citizens. However, recently Netflix has been threatened with being blocked by the Indonesian government due to licensing issues.

On the other hand, Netflix does contain quite a lot of adult content which makes not all users able to access this one platform. In Indonesia, this kind of content was blocked by internet service providers such as IndiHome or Telkomsel. Even though it’s not anymore.

2. Vimeo Forbidden Video Address Adult content is obscene. Obviously, this is what makes Vimeo on the list of banned video addresses for the Indonesian government, especially Kominfo.

Vimeo itself has been blocked since May 9, 2014 because it was considered to contain inappropriate and immoral content. Even though it was temporarily opened, you still can’t access Vimeo until now, gang.

3. Reddit Forbidden Video Address Then there is the Reddit site which is considered one of the banned sites and finally got blocked. Who wouldn’t protest if the biggest online forum site in the world was blocked? The banned website, which is similar to Kaskus in Indonesia, is intended to be a center for information and discussion from various users around the world. Unfortunately you still can’t open Reddit until now. The reason is because there is still a lot of adult content milling about on this site.

4. Tumblr Forbidden Video Address The ups and downs of Tumblr have colored the list of sites blocked by the Indonesian government. Tumblr, which used to be known as a place to post cool, funny photos, and even quotes, is now considered a social media platform that spreads adult content, including LGBT values. Even though similar microblogging services, such as Twitter, are also filled with such content, they can still be accessed today, you know. Anyone know why?

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