Cigarette Smoke Changer Devices Into Oxygen

Cigarette Smoke Converting Devices into Oxygen— Various inventions invented by humans are extraordinary works that can change the world for the better starting from the largest to the smallest to the smallest as discovered by high school children in the city of Semarang making a device that converts cigarette smoke into oxygen.

Two students from SMA Negeri 3 Semarang won the International Exhibition for Young Inventors (IEIY) in Bangkok, Thailand. for his discovery. “We call the tool the T-Box Application to Reduce the Danger Impact of CO and CO2 in Smoking Room,” said Hermawan Maulana, a student of SMA Negeri 3 Semarang.

Accompanied by Zihramma Afdi, his teammate, Hermawan said that they had the idea of ​​making a device to filter carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen. The son of the couple Suwaji and Setijawati Noegraheni revealed that now there are indeed many smoking rooms available. However, it is not used much because the room will be full of smoke.

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