Create Exam Questions Using Google Forms, This is the Complete Guide

English. Kupasonline. Com–What is the method for creating questions in Google Forms? It could be that many people are in doubt especially for teachers who want to share guidance to assess their students.

In modern learning, practicing and doing tests at home can be tried online. When you are practicing, a teacher can invite students to do live streaming or movie calls. On the other hand, to ask questions, the teacher must make questions online.

For online inquiries, there are many providers that can be used, ranging from free to paid ones. For free, Google has provided a feature called Google Forms to its consumers. In addition to loading blanks and others, Google Forms can also be used to create online tests or problems.

Google online blanks can also share numerical results after participants respond to questions that have been made. And the results of the numbers received by the participants can be monitored by the teacher. By using technology, teachers and lecturers can create problems in Google Forms. By making questions on Google Forms, all students can access them through their gadgets.

In memory of the Covid-19 endemic, upgrading was tried online, because this condition did not allow making joint tests at school or offline tests by accompanying students directly at each other’s homes. Create an online question on the next Google form is a guide. This is due to the very different analogy between students and teachers and other employees in schools.

There are more test takers than test supervisors. As a result, in this technological era, they try to create a more supportive situation by conducting online tests at their respective homes (test participants), one of which is by using the Google application. Google blanks can be used to create test questions at special hours.

As a result, even if students carry out tests at home, it is possible to be able to cheat very little even without a direct test supervisor. then what are the steps to create problems in Google Forms. Next are some methods of creating problems in Google Blank.

How to Create Questions in Google Forms?

1. Method of creating problems in Google Forms

Go to Google Blank, click the Plus symbol. Click Settings at the top right. Click test, then test designation. Click then collect email destinations, to collect email destinations. Then save.

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