DON’T MISS OUT! Daily Morse Code for Hamster Kombat on July 9, 2024, Get Up to 5 Million Coins, How? Check This Out!

Hamster Kombat Combo Cards July 16, 2024: Mine Coins Before Listing(
Hamster Kombat Combo Cards July 16, 2024: Mine Coins Before Listing(

ENGLISHKUPASONLINE.COM – Want to get free coins in Hamster Kombat? Here’s a fun way to earn up to 5 million coins with the daily Morse code!

What Is the Daily Morse Code?
The daily Morse code is a secret code that you can use to gain advantages in the Hamster Kombat game. This code is updated daily and can be found on various official Hamster Kombat platforms like their social media or website. Cool, right?

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How to Read and Use the Morse Code
Morse code uses a simple communication system consisting of dots (.) and dashes (-). Let’s learn the daily Morse code for July 9, 2024, which is “HALVE.”

Here’s how to read the Morse code:

H: •••• (four short taps)
A: •- (short tap, long tap)
L: •-•• (short tap, long tap, two short taps)
V: •••- (three short taps, long tap)
E: • (one short tap)
By understanding this code, we know that the hidden message for today is “HALVE.” This message might have a special meaning in the game, like a clue for the location of a specific item or instructions to complete a challenge.

Steps to Enter the Secret Code in Hamster Kombat
Enter the Game: Open Hamster Kombat and go to the main menu.
Open the “Redeem” Menu: Click the “Keuntungan per ketukan” button three times, located below the username.
Wait for the Change: The hamster’s background color will change to red, and the “Daily Code” text will appear.
Enter the Morse Code: After pressing three times, a special input mode will open. Tap briefly for a dot (•) and hold for a dash (-). Wait 3 seconds to complete the input.
Daily Code: In the “Daily Code” field, the letters will be typed according to the Morse code. Once the entire word is entered, you will automatically receive one million coins in your account.
So, don’t forget to check the daily Morse code to avoid missing the chance to get free coins to upgrade your game in Hamster Kombat! Good luck, bestie! (wda)

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