Earn Up to IDR 1 Million Daily Just by Coloring Pictures Using Your Smartphone

Earn Up to IDR 1 Million Daily Just by Coloring Pictures Using Your Smartphone(picwish)

ENGLISHKUPASONLINE.COM – Hello friends! Did you know there’s a fun and profitable way to earn money online these days? Yes, one of them is by coloring pictures on platforms like PicWish and Fiverr.

These apps have been widely reviewed by many YouTubers. One such YouTuber, known as Channel Peluang Jutawan, mentioned earning IDR 80,000 per picture and even making millions in a single day.

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He shared this in a video titled “EARN 80 THOUSAND PER PICTURE FROM COLORING PICTURES, Online Freelance Work – How to Earn Money from the Internet”.

This isn’t just about art; it’s also a great way to earn extra income doing something enjoyable. Let’s dive deeper into it!

What Are PicWish and Fiverr?

PicWish and Fiverr are online platforms where you can sell creative services. Here, you can offer your skills in coloring pictures to those who need them, whether for personal use, special gifts, or other projects. There are plenty of exciting opportunities on both platforms.

How to Get Started?

Firstly, create an account on PicWish or Fiverr. Then, create an appealing profile and describe what you offer.

For example, you can offer coloring services in specific styles, like digital or manual, for various themes such as cartoon characters, portraits, or even children’s book illustrations.

Tips for Success on PicWish and Fiverr

Showcase an Impressive Portfolio: Upload examples of your best work. This helps potential customers see the quality and style of your work.

Competitive Pricing: Set reasonable and competitive prices for your services. Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the picture and the time required to complete it.

Quick Responses: Make sure to respond promptly to messages from customers. This enhances your reputation on the platform and earns you positive reviews.

Self-Promotion: Use social media or your personal blog to promote your services. The more people know about your skills, the greater your chances of landing projects.

How Do You Earn Money?

When someone orders a coloring service from you on PicWish or Fiverr, they will pay according to the agreed terms. This payment can go directly into your account on the platform once you complete the order and the customer approves it with positive feedback.

Why Is This Fun?

Besides earning money, this activity can also be a highly enjoyable creative outlet. You can explore various styles and techniques in coloring pictures based on your customers’ preferences. Completing each picture brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, as you’re not only making money but also bringing happiness to others.

So, if you enjoy coloring and want to turn it into extra income, PicWish and Fiverr are the perfect places to start your journey.

Start now, create an account, and showcase your talent in coloring pictures to the world!

We hope this article helps and inspires all of you. Good luck and happy coloring! (wda)

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