Hamster Kombat: Viral Money-Making Game – Coin Exchange Rate to Rupiah and Download Guide

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ENGLISHKUPASONLINE.COM – Hamster Kombat is a game on Telegram that offers players the opportunity to collect coins within the game.

These coins can later become cryptocurrency tokens to be launched on The Open Network (TON). Since its launch in March 2024, the game has been played by over 8 million people.

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Hamster Kombat is not just an ordinary game, but also a blockchain game that allows players to earn income through HMSTR coins.

Hamster Kombat provides players with the chance to earn a lot of coins for free every day. The game is popular because it’s believed to be a source of additional income.

With the coins earned, players have the opportunity to earn money for free. How do you download Hamster Kombat?

1. Hamster Kombat Download: Android: Download the Hamster Kombat app via the following link. iOS: Download the Hamster Kombat app via the following link.

2. Create a Hamster Kombat Account: Open the Hamster Kombat app and create a new account. Enter the required information, such as username, password, and email address.

3. Verify Your Hamster Kombat Account: Check your email for the account verification link. Click on the link to complete the verification process.

4. Start Playing Hamster Kombat: Once your account is verified, you can start playing Hamster Kombat. Follow the tutorial to learn the basics of the game. Choose the game mode you prefer (Survival, Battle Royale, or Tournament).

5. Earn Hamster Coins: Play the game and complete missions to earn HMSTR coins. You can also purchase HMSTR coins with real money.

6. Exchange Hamster Kombat Coins to Rupiah: HMSTR coins can be exchanged to Rupiah through cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Hamster Coin Price: The price of Hamster Coin fluctuates depending on demand and supply in the market.


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