How and Where to Sell Hamster Kombat Coins

Is Hamster Kombat Profitable and Legal?
How and Where to Sell Hamster Kombat Coins(hamster-kombat-qxb.

ENGLISHKUPASONLINE.COM – Tokens from the popular tap-to-earn game, Hamster Kombat (HMSTR), have begun trading in premarkets on several major crypto exchanges.

This marks a significant step for the game and has garnered considerable attention from both traders and gamers.

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According to, on July 10, one of the renowned crypto exchanges, Bybit, announced that they had listed the HMSTR token on their pre-market trading platform.

This allows users to buy and sell tokens using an order system. The token’s price is highly volatile, reaching highs of US$137 and lows of US$0.001.

Previously, KuCoin also announced that they would include Hamster Kombat coins in their pre-market trading. However, this trading has been postponed several times and is now scheduled to begin on July 19.

To participate in this presale, users must complete Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. In addition to Bybit and KuCoin, Bitget has also published pre-market trading for Hamster Future Coins (HMSTRBG) ahead of its official launch.

A Bitget representative stated that the total supply of Hamster Kombat tokens is still unknown as the project has not announced its tokenomics details.

To facilitate trading, Bitget has introduced HMSTRBG tokens, representing a total supply of 10 billion tokens.

However, the exact date for the full listing of HMSTR tokens is still unclear. According to the Hamster Kombat roadmap, the official token launch is scheduled for late July. Nevertheless, there is still uncertainty regarding the token’s official ticker.

Hamster Kombat is a clicker game launched in March this year and has quickly gained popularity. In this game, players tap virtual hamsters to earn virtual coins, which can then be converted into cryptocurrency.

That concludes the information on how and where to sell Hamster Kombat coins. Happy trading!(OLN)

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