How to Earn and Withdraw Money from the Bitcoin Pop App

How to Earn and Withdraw Money from the Bitcoin Pop App(goggle play)
How to Earn and Withdraw Money from the Bitcoin Pop App(goggle play)

ENGLISHKUPASONLINE.COM-Here’s how to earn and withdraw money from the Bitcoin Pop app.

Bitcoin Pop is one of the popular money-making apps currently trending.

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This app claims to provide real money to its users.

Users are required to collect coins as much as possible, which can later be exchanged for real rewards.

To collect bitcoins, you need to complete various missions available in the app.

Playing the game is straightforward.

You press the “Play” button located in the center of the screen.

Then, you’re asked to pop or burst balloons within the game.

Although it seems easy, strategic thinking and tactics are essential.

Each successful game completion earns you coins as rewards.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can proceed with withdrawing your rewards.

To withdraw rewards, access your profile section.

Here, you’ll need to set up a payment account that will serve as your payment method.

You must have a Coinbase account for this purpose.

Coinbase is a company that provides Bitcoin wallet services.

These bitcoins can later be converted into real money with the help of Coinbase.

You can create a Coinbase account beforehand on

After setting up your payment account, click on the “next cash out in” button.

Here, you can view the total points you’ve accumulated and how they will convert into bitcoins.

Link your existing Coinbase account.

Wait approximately 24 hours for the bitcoins to appear in your Coinbase account.

Once they’ve arrived, the bitcoins will then be transferred to Indodax.

From Indodax, the money earned can be transferred to your bank account.

Thus, to withdraw money, users need to have three e-money apps: Coinbase, Indodax, and a bank account.

The app is considered safe to use as it is available on the Play Store.

Furthermore, users do not need to make any deposits beforehand.

That concludes the information about the Bitcoin Pop app. Enjoy trying it out! (OLN)

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