How to Get M416 Mummy PUBG Mobile, Best Skin 2024!

How to Get M416 Mummy PUBG Mobile, Best Skin 2024!(ANTARA NEWS)
How to Get M416 Mummy PUBG Mobile, Best Skin 2024!(ANTARA NEWS)

ENGLISHKUPASONLINE.COM – In July, PUBG Mobile brings various exciting items for all players. Especially in anticipation of the holiday month, there’s plenty of fun to be had with PUBG Mobile.

One of the exciting items returning to PUBG Mobile is the “Mummy” series collection for all players. Previously, the Mummy series only featured the regular Mummy bundle along with other accessories.

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Now, the “Mummy” series collection in PUBG Mobile introduces various rare and intriguing items. There’s the latest Mummy bundle variant and also the M416 Mummy PUBG Mobile.

Exciting, isn’t it? Let’s discuss.

Do you want the M416 Mummy PUBG Mobile? Check this out:

How to Get M416 Mummy PUBG Mobile

The sale of the latest “Mummy” bundle series has been ongoing since July 5, 2024.

There are three Mummy bundle series available in PUBG Mobile: Inferno Fiend, Psychophage, and the Underworld Guide bundle series.

Each mummy has its own distinctive features, such as Inferno Fiend with fiery patterns, Psychophage with watery elements, and Underworld Guide wrapped in gold.

However, what’s equally enticing is the presence of the M416 Mummy PUBG Mobile. This weapon skin, designed by PDP, is too good to miss out on.

Here’s how to get the M416 Mummy PUBG Mobile:

1. Log into the game.
2. Select the “Crate” tab (next to the RP logo).
3. Choose the “Inferno Fiend” tab (at the top).
4. Perform gacha draws with the following prices:
– Open 1 time – 30 UC
– Open 10 times – 540 UC
5. Perform the gacha and receive the M416 – Sealed Nether as a prize.

*Sale runs from July 5, 2024, to August 31, 2024.

Remember, within this gacha, there are various rewards you can obtain, including the main prize “Advance Supply Choice Package” containing all the Mummy series bundle collection rewards in PUBG Mobile.

M416 Mummy PUBG Mobile stands out as one of the best weapon skins in 2024, offering several key benefits:

– Upgrade design (Level 1-MAX)
– Kill Announcement feed effect
– Kill box special effect
– Firing bullet special effect
– Weapon Inspection special effect
– Victorious moment

So, what are you waiting for? Log in now and collect the M416 Mummy PUBG Mobile!(OLN)

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