How to Watch Viral Japanese Videos on Yandex Without Ads, Guaranteed Satisfaction!

ENGLISHKUPASONLINE.COM – Have you ever been enjoying watching viral Japanese videos on Yandex or Yandex Browser Japan, only to be constantly interrupted by ads? If you want to watch without interruptions, follow these tricks!

Almost every user of Yandex or Yandex Browser Japan has been frustrated by spam ads that pop up while watching viral videos. These ads often cover the screen, forcing us to manually close them just to enjoy our viewing experience.

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The repeated appearance of spam ads in large numbers makes it even harder to enjoy the videos. Moreover, these ads might redirect us to other potentially dangerous sites, raising concerns about viruses, malware, or data theft.

If you frequently find these spam ads annoying, don’t worry! There’s an easy way to solve this problem. Follow the tutorial below!

How to Remove Spam Ads When Watching Viral Videos on Yandex

It turns out that removing spam ads on Yandex is quite easy! You just need to log in with your Yandex account. However, this method may not always be effective as some ads may still appear.

Want to know a more effective way? Follow these steps:

1. Use Yandex Browser AdBlock:
– Open the Yandex app on your device.
– Go to the settings menu.
– Scroll down to find the “Extensions” menu.
– Click on “Extensions.”
– Choose “Yandex Browser Adblock” and activate it.

2. Use Content Blocking:
– Open the Yandex app on your device.
– Go to the settings menu.
– Scroll down to find the “Content Blocking” menu.
– Click on “Content Blocking.”
– Slide the switch to ON for “Blocking ads containing offensive content.”
– Do the same for “Blocking ads that are disruptive.”

By following these steps, ads will no longer appear in your videos! Enjoy trying it out!!(OLN)

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