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Main Mobile Legends Tired of Using Tanks? Try These 5 Mobile Legends Heroes with High HP
Main Mobile Legends Tired of Using Tanks? Try These 5 Mobile Legends Heroes with High HP

ENGLISHKUPASONLINE.COM – Since its initial release, Mobile Legends remains one of the most popular competitive games in Indonesia, with a large player base continuing to enjoy it.


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Despite the yearly emergence of new MOBA games like League of Legends Wild Rift, Auto Chess MOBA, and Pokemon Unite, Mobile Legends still stands out as the most favored, especially in Indonesia.

What exactly keeps Mobile Legends so popular amidst such fierce competition in the MOBA gaming landscape? To answer this question, Eraspace will summarize several reasons why Mobile Legends continues to thrive. Let’s dive in!

Requires Only Low-Spec Smartphones to Play
One of the key reasons Mobile Legends maintains its popularity in Indonesia is its accessibility on low-spec smartphones. Unlike other MOBA games such as League of Legends Wild Rift and Arena of Valor that require mid-range smartphones, Mobile Legends’ compatibility with lower-end devices has endeared it to Indonesian gamers, many of whom are schoolchildren with modestly specced phones. With just a 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory, and 4G network, players can enjoy Mobile Legends smoothly.

Plenty of Exciting Events
It’s no secret that Mobile Legends frequently hosts various exciting events. From the monthly Starlight membership that offers different skins, to free skin giveaways, and even collaborations like Mobile Legends x Jujutsu Kaisen, these events continuously attract players’ attention and encourage them to keep playing the game, despite some content being accessible only through in-game purchases.

Large Community and Easy Multiplayer Access
One of the advantages of multiplayer games is the ability to play with friends via the party feature. Mobile Legends excels in this aspect, fostering solidarity and teamwork among players. Moreover, its vibrant and large community in Indonesia, consistently the game’s largest player base globally since its inception, contributes significantly to its enduring popularity. Events like the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) always draw crowds, further bolstering community engagement.

Frequent Hosting of Prestigious Tournaments
Lastly, Mobile Legends maintains its popularity in Indonesia due to Moontoon’s frequent organization of prestigious tournaments such as the Mobile Legends Professional League, Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup, and the flagship M World Championship. These tournaments underscore Mobile Legends’ status as a competitive eSports game designed for competitive play, ensuring its relevance and player engagement.

These factors collectively contribute to Mobile Legends’ sustained popularity in Indonesia. Maintaining a dominant position in the competitive MOBA genre is no easy feat, especially with new competitors entering the market each year. Whether you aspire to play Mobile Legends competitively or simply enjoy it casually, ensuring your device meets the game’s specifications will enhance your gaming experience.

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