Price of 2 Million Hamster Kombat Coins on July 8, 2024, New ‘Creator’ Level Appears, When is the Listing?

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ENGLISHKUPASONLINE.COM – Updating the price of Hamster Kombat coins when converted to Indonesian Rupiah on July 8, 2024, after pre-market on three giant exchanges: KuCoin,, and Bitget.

Following the pre-market on these three exchanges, many are curious about the price of Hamster Kombat coins.

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Many want to know the value of 2 million Hamster Kombat coins when converted to Rupiah.

So, what is the price?

It is known that KuCoin,, and Bitget have announced the pre-market listing of Hamster Kombat.

These three are among the world’s leading crypto trading platforms.

The purpose of the pre-market is to give users the opportunity to trade before the official listing of Hamster Kombat, and to gauge public interest in purchasing Hamster Kombat.

So, what does it mean for Hamster Kombat to enter the pre-market phase?

It likely means that Hamster Kombat will soon enter the listing phase.

There are rumors circulating that Hamster Kombat will be listed on July 10, 2024.

However, the truth of these rumors has yet to be confirmed.

It is predicted that the listing schedule might be delayed due to the introduction of a new level in Hamster Kombat, namely the Creator level.

Nevertheless, Hamster Kombat players are encouraged to continue leveling up and increasing their hourly coin earnings in preparation for the listing.

After the pre-market on three giant exchanges, many are curious about the price of Hamster Kombat coins.

In this article, you can also find the daily password, Morse code, and daily combo for today, July 8, 2024.

*Predicted Coin Price*

With the coins earned, players have the opportunity to earn money for free.

Players can mine coins in various ways, such as entering the daily password using Morse code, following the daily combo, or simply by clicking buttons on the screen.

The rewards obtained can be used to purchase other cards that can increase daily profits in the hourly balance.

The more token balance players have or earn from additional rewards, the greater their chances of earning hourly profits.

If you have 1 million Hamster Kombat coins, how much would that be when converted to Rupiah?

Hamster Kombat Coin Price on July 8, 2024
Currently, the price of Hamster Kombat coins has been relatively stable from day to day.

Based on data from dedust, on July 8, 2024, the price of 1 Hamster Kombat coin (HMSTR) is traded at $0.0003.

If you have 2 million Hamster Kombat coins, then those coins would be equivalent to $583.

When converted to Rupiah, it is predicted that you could earn approximately Rp 9,474,000, based on the current exchange rate of Rp 16,251 per US dollar.

That’s the leaked exchange rate for Hamster Kombat coins today. Hope this helps!(OLN)

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