The Strongest Build Change in Mobile Legends 2022

The Strongest Build Change in Mobile Legends 2022– Change is the deadliest Mage Mobile Legends hero and often troubles his enemies. This hero has considerable damage and crowd control that can defeat enemies easily.

You can further strengthen the Change hero using the build items that we will recommend in this article. Each item in the Mobile Legends game has its own attributes and effects, so you need to choose wisely according to the hero that will be used. Before playing Mobile Legends with this hero, you should first know the Change skill below.

1. Trouble Maker (passive skill) This passive skill will damage the enemy and can increase the damage from the next skill 20% to 40%. That way, you can attack the enemy continuously and the damage will be increased.

Try to activate the basic attack and continue with Chage’s spam skill

1. This will increase the damage dealt. In addition, this skill can also affect Change’s skill 3 because the number of attacks will increase Change’s damage.

2. Starmoon Shockwave (skill 2) Cngange will throw an energy ball and deal 340 plus 10% magic damage to the enemy. Enemy heroes will also get a slow effect from this skill by 40% for 1.5 seconds. When the Crescent Moon skill is activated, the energy ball will have 5 energy balls released where 20% of the damage will be increased.

3. Crescent Moon (skill 2) Furthermore, Change also has a skill called Crescent Moon. This will provide a shield of 400 + 120% max magic power. Movement speed by 15% will also be increased to change making it faster when running.

4. Meteor Shower (skill 3) Change’s 3rd skill can attack enemies with a considerable distance and the damage incurred is also large. This will issue 30 meteors that deal damage of 60 + 25% magic power for each meteor.

When this skill is activated it will also increase the movement speed of Change by 20% for 4 seconds. The ultimate will be wider if the Crecent Moon mode of the 2nd skill Change is active. This mode will add 33% damage.

The Strongest Build Change 2022 Mobile Legends We will recommend the build items below because these build items will be very suitable for the Change hero.

1. Magic Shoes The first item you can buy when playing with the Change hero is Magic Shoes. This will provide additional magic penetration and cooldown which is very useful for Change.

2. Glowing Wand The 2nd item is Glowing Wand. This item is very necessary because it will deal greater damage to Change so that it can attack enemies more effectively.

3. Ice Queen Wand Ice Queen Wand will give a slow effect to the enemy. With this, Change’s skill 3 will give more hits and slow down the enemy when escaping.

4. Genius Wand Furthermore, you can also choose the Genius Wand as the right build for Change. Why? Because this item can reduce the enemy’s magic defense.

5. Holy Crystal The 5th item that we recommend for Hero Change is Holy Crystal because it can add magic power so that the damage is more painful.

6. Divine Glaive The last item for Change is the Divine Glaive. This item will provide additional magic power of 65 and magical penetration of 40%.

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