The Strongest Build Change in Mobile Legends 2022

The Strongest Build Change in Mobile Legends 2022– Change is the deadliest Mage Mobile Legends hero and often troubles his enemies. This hero has considerable damage and crowd control that can defeat enemies easily.

You can further strengthen the Change hero using the build items that we will recommend in this article. Each item in the Mobile Legends game has its own attributes and effects, so you need to choose wisely according to the hero that will be used. Before playing Mobile Legends with this hero, you should first know the Change skill below.

1. Trouble Maker (passive skill) This passive skill will damage the enemy and can increase the damage from the next skill 20% to 40%. That way, you can attack the enemy continuously and the damage will be increased.

Try to activate the basic attack and continue with Chage’s spam skill

1. This will increase the damage dealt. In addition, this skill can also affect Change’s skill 3 because the number of attacks will increase Change’s damage.

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