Viral Game Telegram: Hamster Kombat – How to Play and Gain Profit!!

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ENGLISHKUPASONLINE.COM – If you’re one of the approximately 150 million players trying to join in the Hamster Kombat airdrop hunt, here’s how to play and some gameplay tips.

Gameplay & How to Play Hamster Kombat

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Hamster Kombat combines the “clicker” concept with cute elements, where you play as a hamster CEO in the crypto market.

Hamster Kombat features a simple game mechanism: players only need to tap the screen to collect coins.

However, to truly succeed, you need more than just tapping the screen.

Here are some tips to optimize your earnings in Hamster Kombat:

1. Spend Coins
Press the “Mine” button at the bottom of the screen, then start buying upgrades for your exchange.

By investing in various markets, PR, team, legal upgrades, and special cards, you can gradually accumulate coins passively, even when not actively playing.

2. Play Regularly
You need to play regularly to maximize passive income.

Hamster Kombat will only continue to collect free coins while you’re offline for a total of three hours.

After that, coin accumulation will stop until you reopen the game, claim earnings, and reset the timer.

3. Daily Combos
The fastest way to increase coin income is to perform daily combos.

The game sets three special cards for each daily combo, and if you can buy or upgrade three specific items/cards before the next cycle, you’ll receive 5 million free coins.

4. Claim Daily Rewards
Under the “Earn” tab, press the Daily reward button, specifically under “Daily tasks.” Then, claim your free coins.

Initially, it’s only 500 coins on the first day, but if you play regularly, the reward will increase to 5 million coins on the 10th day.

Those are some tips and how to play Hamster Kombat. While it seems simple, this game can yield significant profits if you understand how to play it.

Enjoy playing and good luck!

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