5 Mobile Legends Skins Ranked from Cheapest to Rarest

Main Mobile Legends Tired of Using Tanks? Try These 5 Mobile Legends Heroes with High HP
Main Mobile Legends Tired of Using Tanks? Try These 5 Mobile Legends Heroes with High HP

ENGLISHKUPASONLINE.COM – Skins in Mobile Legends are cosmetic items that make hero appearances unique. Generally, players use skins to boost confidence and intimidate opponents. In Mobile Legends, hero skins are categorized into several tiers based on their rarity and cost.

Prices and acquisition methods vary greatly. Some skins even cost millions of Indonesian Rupiah! Here’s how Mobile Legends skins are ranked from cheapest to rarest and most expensive.

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To find out the complete list, let’s explore the discussion below!

1. Normal Skins – The Cheapest in MLBB
Normal skins are basic skins without any special labels. They are the cheapest and can be purchased anytime. Normal skins are the most commonly seen in the game. The price for normal skins is around 200 Diamonds.

However, Moonton often gives out these skins for free during special events. Normal skins generally have subtle differences from default skins.

2. Elite Skins – More Expensive than Normal Skins
Next up are Elite skins, which are more expensive than normal skins. They have a significantly different appearance from default skins and often include animation effects.

The rarity level of these skins is relatively low because they can be obtained by anyone through Diamond purchases at a reasonable price. Players can also acquire these skins through free events.

3. Seasonal Skins – Obtained at the End of Each Season
Moonton provides free seasonal skins at the end of each season or every three months. Players who have played a minimum of 20 matches in Epic tier or above can obtain seasonal skins. These skins cannot be purchased with Diamonds.

Moonton awards these skins to encourage players to compete actively in Ranked mode. However, some seasonal skins can also be obtained by collecting skin fragments.

4. Starlight Skins – Exclusive for Starlight Members
Starlight Members and Starlight Member Plus subscribers can get exclusive skins for free. Each month, Moonton selects a hero randomly to receive a Starlight skin.

These skins are prestigious as they signify the owner’s loyalty to Mobile Legends Starlight membership. Starlight skins are often considered cooler compared to skins at lower levels.

5. Special Skins – Featuring Stunning Appearances
Special skins are more expensive than those at lower levels. They can be purchased with Diamonds or obtained through Draws in various special events.

These skins feature luxurious appearances and animation effects. One of the most iconic Special skins in Mobile Legends is Tigreal’s Gold Baron.

Those are the 5 best-ranked skins according to Babelkupasonline.com that you can get. Enjoy trying them out!!(OLN)

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