How to Earn Rp150,000 per Day from Million Quiz, Earn DANA Balance!

How to Earn Rp150,000 per Day from Million Quiz, Earn DANA Balance!(jalan tikus)
How to Earn Rp150,000 per Day from Million Quiz, Earn DANA Balance!(jalan tikus)

ENGLISHKUPASONLINE.COM – Who wouldn’t want to earn money easily and quickly? Especially if you can do it while playing exciting games on your smartphone.

Well, the good news is, now you can play exciting games and earn money with Million Quiz.

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Million Quiz is a new money-making app on the Play Store that can earn you free DANA balances.

The promise of earnings is very tempting, where you can earn unlimited income just by completing quiz puzzles.

Is Million Quiz really a non-scam money-making app? How do you play and earn money from this money quiz game? Let’s read the full review below!

What is the Million Quiz App?

True to its name, Million Quiz offers various quiz missions where if you successfully answer them, you will earn cash rewards. These rewards can be accumulated and later exchanged for e-wallet balances after meeting the minimum amount set by the application.

Conceptually, the app works similarly to Tile Win Cash APK but with different types of missions presented within. The quizzes you will face are general knowledge questions that you can answer with multiple-choice options.

Interestingly, you can earn income not only from answering quizzes but also from various other missions you can try. Interested in giving it a shot?

*Download Link for the Million Quiz App*

To try it out, you can directly install this income-generating app on your device. Don’t worry, the app is available on the Google Play Store, so you don’t need to manually install it.

*How to Play and Earn Money from Million Quiz*

To earn money from Million Quiz, you simply need to answer as many questions as possible. Typically, the questions given are about general knowledge, such as History, culinary, culture, and social issues in Indonesia. You must complete these tasks by answering the questions correctly to earn money.

Each correct answer will reward you with Rp4,000 directly deposited into your Million Quiz account. Additionally, you can also earn extra rewards by watching advertisements within the app.

*How to Withdraw Money from Million Quiz*

After accumulating a lot of cash rewards, you can now withdraw them to your DANA balance easily. Here’s how:

1. Open the Million Quiz app.
2. Click on the “withdraw” button located at the top right corner of the home screen.
3. Enter your username and the destination DANA number for withdrawal.
4. Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw.
5. Click on the “withdraw” or “OK” button to confirm the withdrawal of your balance.

*Can Million Quiz Really Make Money?*

Many wonder if the Million Quiz app can actually earn money. Million Quiz is indeed reported to provide real money to its users. However, based on observations, this app typically pays out only the minimum amount, which is Rp75.

So, can users exchange their rewards once they reach hundreds of thousands? Based on several reviews, many users complain that to truly withdraw larger amounts, there are additional conditions. This indicates that the Million Quiz APK app may engage in scam practices.

Therefore, remain cautious when trying out any app.

Good luck, and hope this is helpful!(OLN)

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