Advantages and How to Use an Electric Car

Advantages and How to Use an Electric Car

Cars made from gasoline produce emissions in the form of CO2 and CO gas which are not only bad for the environment, but also for people’s health.

Coupled with a large number of gasoline-fueled cars on the streets, it continues to increase the urgency to choose a more environmentally friendly substitute.

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This is one of the advantages of electric cars.

Instead of producing smoke into the air like gasoline-fueled cars, the consumption of electric cars can help reduce air pollution.

Moreover, one electric car can reduce air contamination by up to 4.6 metric tons of greenhouse gases.

Not only that, electrical power can be obtained from renewable energy sources that can always be renewed.

In contrast to gasoline, which is obtained from natural oil, which cannot be renewed and the amount then decreases.

Smoother expedition

Driving comfort is one of the advantages of electric cars. You don’t need to be afraid of noisy or moving cars when you’re moving fast on the road. Electric cars are famous for their almost completely silent engine quality, especially when driving in full-battery conditions. As a result, your expedition with your family will be safer by using an electric car.

This is also what urges the Minister of Transportation to make a new regulation that requires electric cars to be equipped with speakers so that they can produce a sound with a frequency of 75 decibels. In this way, electric cars can advance more comfortably without compromising driving comfort.

Easy car maintenance

Eel, oil, radiator, and the like. Few of the many gasoline-fueled car maintenances that must be tried on a regular basis.

However, you don’t need to worry about this situation when driving an electric car.

Easy car maintenance is the advantage of electric cars that many people are looking for.

You no longer need to remember the oil change program or car engine terms because electric cars only consist of batteries.

What’s more, the electric car’s engine is also more upgraded, thus not requiring very complex car maintenance.

Comfortable in driving

Not only driving comfort, safety is also a priority when you are choosing a car. The advantages of electric cars are also in the field of safety.

The electric car must have gone through various types of experiments such as the endurance test of the car, the fire and water-strength test, and the pulse and turbulence experiment.

Exclusively, electric cars are also equipped with the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) which will immediately interrupt the electrical movement of the engine when a collision occurs.

The airbag will open and the car engine will automatically turn off so that it can reduce the risk of serious injury to passengers.

The advantages of this electric car make it one of the most convenient transfer options.

Save for a long time

While many people are hesitant to choose an electric car as a family car because of the price aspect.

Indeed, the price of electric cars is still relatively more expensive than some gasoline-fueled cars, but this is only an early calculation.

As you know, the cost of owning a gasoline-fueled car is in the form of the main payment for buying the car itself, regular maintenance fees, gasoline payments, and tax payments.

The advantages of electric cars, among others, you can save all the fees.

Electric cars don’t need oil and gasoline, you can simply load the battery energy using electricity at home.

Research also shows that to travel 120 km, an electric car only costs Rp. 75,000, while a gasoline-fueled car can cost you twice as much. The good news is that the purchase of an electric car is exempt from PPnBM.

Captivated by the various advantages of electric cars offered above? It’s time for you to remove your doubts about buying an electric car.

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There are many advantages of electric cars that you love to pass.

This is the Electric Car Activity Method

Tesla’s electric car operation method is actually quite efficient and easy. The energy that comes from the battery will be channeled to move the car’s chakra. With this method of activity, before starting to drive the helmsman must ensure that the electricity in the battery of the transportation vehicle is sufficient to be able to move the car’s chakra.

To be clear, the method of operating an electric car goes through several stages such as the following:

When the car’s gas paddle is pressed, the controller will regulate electrical energy from the traction battery and inverter. Next, the inverter will supply electric power. (*)

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