A gamer must know! 6 Must-Have Features in Your Car for Holiday Travel

Your car needs to have features that support your gaming hobby
Your car needs to have features that support your gaming hobby

For gamers who love to travel or are going on an holiday trip, choosing a car that suits their gaming lifestyle is essential. Your car needs to have features that support your gaming hobby, are comfortable, and of course, fit your budget. Here are some features that should be in your car for holiday travel:

Before choosing the right car, you need to know your needs while inside the car. The car’s interior must be super comfortable and have modern features so that you can still enjoy and relax while driving.

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Some features that a gamer needs from a car include a place to plug in USB, Bluetooth, LED monitor, speakers, and online music that make your Eid holiday travel more enjoyable and boredom-free.

Toyota Yaris

One of Toyota’s cars that is affordable yet still equipped with complete infotainment technology is the Toyota Yaris. It is equipped with a touchscreen, smartphone connectivity through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features, a good audio system, and a rear camera to assist with parking.

Despite its relatively affordable price, the Toyota Yaris still offers a comfortable and modern driving experience. So it’s very suitable for gamers for the Eid holiday.

Suzuki Ignis
This car brand also offers complete infotainment features including a touchscreen, Bluetooth, and an adequate audio system

Honda Civic
Equipped with a large touchscreen, smartphone connectivity, premium audio system, and navigation features. The large screen makes it easier for you to access other features while driving.

Adequate smartphone connectivity allows access to important information such as maps, weather, and the latest news, as well as playing music from your phone to the car device and even watching streaming or files saved on your smartphone.

It is also safe for answering calls while driving because it is equipped with hands-free features that allow the driver to answer phone calls without diverting attention from the road.

Datsun Cross

The Datsun Cross brand is also a good choice with fairly complete infotainment features for its class, including a touchscreen and smartphone connectivity.

Daihatsu Ayla
This car brand is also suitable for you. In addition to its pocket-friendly price, the Daihatsu Ayla also has cool and modern infotainment features to support your gaming hobby above the car. Daihatsu Ayla is equipped with a touchscreen, good audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, USB, and other features that make driving more comfortable and modern.

Those are some cars that are suitable for gamers for long-distance trips. One thing for sure is when driving a car, don’t play games because it can cause accidents. Happy holiday travel. (Jhon)




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