Complete PUBG Characters with Their Best Skills

5 PUBG Characters and Their Unique Skills
5 PUBG Characters and Their Unique Skills

ENGLISHKUPASONLINE.COM – PUBG characters have always been a focal point of Tencent’s ongoing updates. Since its release, PUBG Mobile has consistently prioritized game mode updates with maps that serve as playgrounds for battle royale enthusiasts.

Following the release of Victor, the second character introduced was a female character named Sara. Sara was launched three months after Victor, in November 2019.

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As the only female character in PUBG Mobile at that time, before the introduction of another female character named Anna in November 2021, the game saw considerable enthusiasm from players. PUBG Mobile recognized this opportunity to introduce new characters to enhance gameplay excitement.

After Sara’s debut in Season 10, Tencent continued to innovate. They introduced Carlo in Season 12, a character with a background as a prize hunter who studied various weapons.

Tencent’s plans seemed endless. Following Victor, Sara, and Carlo, PUBG Mobile introduced Andy in Season 13. This eccentric-looking character has a background as a magician or puppeteer who has wielded weapons throughout his career. Now, who are the PUBG characters with the best skills?

Names of PUBG Characters Along with Their Backgrounds and Skills

Here’s a list detailing the backgrounds and skills of PUBG characters:

1. Victor
Victor is a hardcore SMG weapons enthusiast. Described as obsessed with SMG weapons, he conducted research and customized his SMG arsenal. His skill reduces reloading time for SMG-type weapons.

2. Sara
Sara is an automotive expert, particularly skilled with vehicles due to her passion for driving. This PUBG female character is seen with tools for vehicle repairs, resembling a mechanic. Her skill reduces damage taken by vehicles she drives from enemy fire.

3. Carlo
Carlo is PUBG’s third character released by Tencent. He is a versatile assassin who excels with various types of weapons to unleash their full potential. His special skill reduces fall damage slightly by using his agile footwork.

4. Andy
Andy’s background involves being a magician or puppeteer whose career was ruined by an accident. Seeking revenge, he becomes a sharpshooter and channels his trained hands into expert marksmanship during battles. His special ability lies in his precise weapon usage.

5. Anna
Anna was born and raised in Austria. Her background includes being the daughter of a renowned investigative reporter who disappeared after uncovering corruption in a large corporation. Her appearance is reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes, with vintage detective attire.

The PUBG characters featured in this article are crucial for every PUBG Mobile player. Are you interested in acquiring them? Enjoy trying them out!(oln)

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