Game Mobile Legends Continues to Thrive in Indonesia

Complete List of Mobile Legends Heroes You Must Know!!
Complete List of Mobile Legends Heroes You Must Know!!

ENGLISHKUPASONLINE.COM – Since its release, Mobile Legends has remained one of the most popular competitive games in Indonesia, with a large player base still actively engaged. Despite the annual emergence of new MOBA games like League of Legends Wild Rift, Auto Chess MOBA, and Pokemon Unite, Mobile Legends continues to dominate, especially in Indonesia. What exactly keeps Mobile Legends popular amidst such fierce MOBA competition? Eraspace summarizes several reasons that contribute to its continued popularity. Let’s dive in!

Requires Only Low-Spec Phones to Play
One of the key factors contributing to Mobile Legends’ popularity in Indonesia is its low device requirements. Unlike other MOBA games such as League of Legends Wild Rift and Arena of Valor, which require medium to high-end devices, Mobile Legends runs smoothly even on low-spec phones. This accessibility to a wider range of devices, including those commonly owned by schoolchildren with lower-end specs, has significantly boosted its popularity among Indonesian gamers.

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With just 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory, and 4G network, players can enjoy Mobile Legends seamlessly.

Plenty of Exciting Events
It’s no secret that Mobile Legends frequently hosts a variety of exciting events. From monthly Starlight memberships offering different skins to free skin giveaways and collaborations like Mobile Legends x Jujutsu Kaisen, these events attract and retain player interest, despite some content being accessible only through in-game purchases.

Large Community and Play with Friends
One of the major advantages of multiplayer-based games is the ability to play with friends through features like party play. This fosters solidarity and teamwork among players. Moreover, Mobile Legends boasts a large and active community in Indonesia, which has been a significant factor in its sustained popularity. From its inception, Indonesia has consistently been one of the largest player bases globally for Mobile Legends.

It’s no wonder that events like the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) in Indonesia always draw large crowds. Influencers and content creators play a crucial role in keeping the community engaged and influencing others to join in the game.

Hosts Prestigious Tournaments Regularly
Lastly, Mobile Legends maintains its popularity in Indonesia by hosting prestigious tournaments such as the Mobile Legends Professional League, Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup, and the grandest of them all, the M World Championship. These tournaments not only contribute to the game’s popularity but also solidify its position in the eSports scene. The frequent organization of such tournaments indicates the game’s active player base and its ongoing relevance.

These are some of the reasons why Mobile Legends continues to thrive in Indonesia. Maintaining popularity in the competitive MOBA genre is no easy feat, especially with new contenders entering the market every year.

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