Total Size PUBG Mobile, Nearly Equivalent to Genshin Impact

How to Get M416 Mummy PUBG Mobile, Best Skin 2024!(ANTARA NEWS)
How to Get M416 Mummy PUBG Mobile, Best Skin 2024!(ANTARA NEWS)

ENGLISHKUPASONLINE.COM – PUBG Mobile has consistently been one of the most popular mobile games since its release. So, what is the total size of PUBG Mobile? Let’s find out.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game developed by Lightspeed and Quantum Studios Group, PUBG Corporation, and Level Infinite. The game officially launched in February 2018.

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To start playing, gamers initially need to download the app, which is about 920 MB. This does not include all resources within the game, such as audio, maps, events, graphics, game modes, and more.

Total Size PUBG Mobile
There are many resources in PUBG Mobile, and players can choose whether to download everything or not. Opting to download everything will naturally require more internal storage space on the phone.

If only some resources are downloaded, the total size of PUBG Mobile on a gamer’s phone typically ranges from 6-7 GB. Therefore, it all depends on each player’s decision.

One way to determine the total size of PUBG Mobile is by checking these resources. Players can do this by entering the game, then clicking on the cloud icon with a downward arrow next to the profile menu.

Here, players can see all available resources. The total size can be viewed under ‘Total Usage’.

However, the initial 920 MB is not included in that total. So, if a player downloads everything, the total size of PUBG Mobile reaches 22.9 GB.

This figure nearly matches the total size of Genshin Impact, which is around 27 GB. This number is likely to increase with ongoing updates released by the developers.(OLN)

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