In celebration of its 7th Anniversary, Garena has rolled out a special update for Free Fire 2024, promising loads of excitement for all survivors!

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ENGLISHKUPASONLINE.COM – Marking its 7th anniversary and bidding farewell to June, Garena has launched a patch update. It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years since Free Fire first launched in 2017, bringing joy to survivors every day.

Free Fire continues to evolve with changes across all aspects, from graphics to features, enhancing the thrill of gameplay.

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Seven years is no small feat, with dedicated survivors having been part of Free Fire’s growth.

As part of the 7th Anniversary celebration, Garena has prepared exciting updates for FF 2024 for all of you.

A series of exciting events are here to invite survivors to reminisce. The FF 2024 update for the 7th Anniversary brings classic Free Fire weapons from the old days, special bundles, new music videos, and even offline celebrations as special offerings.

What does the FF 2024 7th Anniversary update look like? Let’s discuss.

*FF 2024 7th Anniversary Update*
Here are some highlights of the FF 2024 7th Anniversary update:


Firstly, the FF 2024 7th Anniversary update will introduce new characters and weapons to the server, including Kassie as the latest character.

Not only that, two new weapons will debut: the FGL-24 and the Heal Pistol-Y, becoming flagship weapons for survivors.


In celebration of Free Fire’s 7th Anniversary, survivors will reminisce together at Mini Peak, a special floating island introduced for this special occasion.

In every Battle Royale mode, players can use available Memory Portals to enter Mini Peak Old. Each portal can transport one team to Mini Peak and will be equipped with 1 Gloo Wall and M1887 Old.

Accumulate Memory Points by eliminating enemies or destroying gift boxes at Mini Peak Old.

In CS mode, players can randomly teleport to Mini Peak in the 5th or 6th round. In this mode, players will immediately receive a Gloo Wall and gain access to a larger respawn area. Players can also acquire stronger classic weapons through Supply Gadgets available at Mini Peak Old.


In the special FF 2024 7th Anniversary update, Garena will distribute various exciting gifts for this celebration. Starting from June 26, 2024, special bundles with unique effects, 7th Anniversary Free Fire skill skins, and AC80 skins will be available.

This festivity will be followed by the Gloo Wall Relay event starting June 26, 2024. Players can claim the special 7th Anniversary Gloo Wall in this event on June 28, 2024, for free by completing missions and playing against opponents.

Stay tuned for its launch!

That’s the complete information on the FF 2024 7th Anniversary update. There’s plenty of fun awaiting, so what are you waiting for? Update your game and log in now. Enjoy the excitement!(OLN)

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