Resso Turns Out to Be a Money-Making App, Here’s How!

Resso Turns Out to Be a Money-Making App, Here's How!(kompas entertaiment)
Resso Turns Out to Be a Money-Making App, Here's How!(kompas entertaiment)

ENGLISHKUPASONLINE.COM – As we enter the middle of the year, more and more new money-making apps are emerging.

Babelkupasonline has shared various money-making apps with different concepts.

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Starting from apps that earn money by watching videos, playing games, reading novels, reading news, to taking surveys.

This time, we want to share another money-making app with a different concept.

The money-making app in question is Resso. Some of you may already know about Resso.

Yup, Resso is a music streaming app like Spotify, JOOX, and Apple Music.

However, Resso can actually be used as a money-making app.

How? Let’s read the following article!

The main function of Resso is to listen to music. There are various types of music that can be chosen according to your preferences.

Resso also offers music recommendations that suit its users’ preferences.

Beyond its main function, Resso can be used as a money-making app.

So when you play a song, an icon labeled ‘Resso Rewards’ will appear.

When clicked, the icon directs users on how to earn money.

Users can earn money on the Resso app by inviting friends to join.

The potential money that can be earned through this method reaches IDR 50,000 for one person.

There are also other tasks that users must complete to earn money on Resso.

Starting from listening to a song for 10 minutes, sharing lyrics, turning on lyrics with the lock screen on, and much more.

Each task rewards points. These points must be accumulated by users.

For every 10 points, it equals IDR 1. So, the more points earned, the greater the amount of money.

Eventually, points can be exchanged for money in the form of digital balances on the DANA service.

In one day, you can cash out a minimum of IDR 2,000 and a maximum of IDR 10,000.

Resso can be a new option for a money-making app with a fresh concept.

While listening to your favorite songs, you can also earn extra money.

Hope this helps and happy trying!(OLN)

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