This Android game is suitable for those of you who are single, you can have a girlfriend

KUPSONLINE.COM — Singles Sometimes Miss the Presence of a Soulmate Lover. However, what can you do if the long-awaited girlfriend doesn’t come. But don’t worry, because some of these Android games can fill the void in your heart. Are you a single person who longs for the affection of a lover? But what if the lover never approached. But don’t lament your loneliness too much.

The reason is, current technological developments are very beneficial for many people, including those of you who are single. How come? a, because currently there are many games on android that offer dating simulation. Because of this, some of these games offer a dating simulation experience for singles to experience what it’s like to have a boyfriend, or even just to reminisce about what it’s like to have a lover. Curious about what game it is? Immediately see the following complete information.

1. ‘If My Heart Had Wings’, an Android Game That Can Make Singles Free to Choose a Girlfriend The first android game that offers dating simulation is “If My Heart Had Wings”. This game tells the story of a man named Aoi Minase who used to be a member of the bicycle club.

However, Aoi Minase had to stop cycling because of an accident. He then lost his zest for life and returned to his hometown and started looking for women to be with him. Aoi Minase will later be given several female choices, including Kotori, Amane, Ageha, Asa and Yoru.

This is where Aoi Minase’s love journey begins. Overall, this game is worth playing for singles. Apart from some fanservice moments in it, this game has one of the most thrilling and heartwarming stories.

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