This Android game is suitable for those of you who are single, you can have a girlfriend

KUPSONLINE.COM — Singles Sometimes Miss the Presence of a Soulmate Lover. However, what can you do if the long-awaited girlfriend doesn’t come. But don’t worry, because some of these Android games can fill the void in your heart. Are you a single person who longs for the affection of a lover? But what if the lover never approached. But don’t lament your loneliness too much.

The reason is, current technological developments are very beneficial for many people, including those of you who are single. How come? a, because currently there are many games on android that offer dating simulation. Because of this, some of these games offer a dating simulation experience for singles to experience what it’s like to have a boyfriend, or even just to reminisce about what it’s like to have a lover. Curious about what game it is? Immediately see the following complete information.

1. ‘If My Heart Had Wings’, an Android Game That Can Make Singles Free to Choose a Girlfriend The first android game that offers dating simulation is “If My Heart Had Wings”. This game tells the story of a man named Aoi Minase who used to be a member of the bicycle club.

However, Aoi Minase had to stop cycling because of an accident. He then lost his zest for life and returned to his hometown and started looking for women to be with him. Aoi Minase will later be given several female choices, including Kotori, Amane, Ageha, Asa and Yoru.

This is where Aoi Minase’s love journey begins. Overall, this game is worth playing for singles. Apart from some fanservice moments in it, this game has one of the most thrilling and heartwarming stories.

2. Find Your True Love Through the Dating Simulation Game ‘Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook’ “Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook” is the next dating simulation game that you can try. The reason is, this game is suitable for male singles to find their dream lover. Besides being useful as a dating simulation, this game also features farming games. It does sound similar to Harvest Moon, but this game is simpler. The main character in this game is a lazy teenage boy named Steve.

He had to spend his summer vacations gardening. There, he will learn to make friends, establish good relationships with others as well as to find true love. Besides being available on Android, this game is also available on PC.

3. ‘Mystic Messenger’, suitable for single women who want to be noticed by Korean oppas The next dating simulation game that you can play is “Mystic Messenger”. This game, which is suitable for single women, is available in three languages, namely Korean, English and Spanish. This game made by Cheritz Korea can make you have a conversation with someone like having a girlfriend.

There are six characters in this game that you can choose to play with. Namely Jumin, Han, Zen, 707, Yoosung, Jaehee Kang and V. Each character has a different personality and is similar to humans, so you will feel like you are really communicating with a friend or girlfriend.

When having a conversation or chatting, you can determine the desired theme, but still adjust to the nature of the character you choose. And you don’t have to bother to write a real reply, because you are given the opportunity to reply to chats from characters with certain sentences that have been provided by this game system.

4. Get Ready to Make God Level Halu By Game ‘BTS WORLD’ Get Ready to Make God Level Halu By Game ‘BTS WORLD’ Who doesn’t know BTS or Bangtan Boys? This South Korean group has many fans around the world of all ages. Wanting to express his love for BTS fans, Big Hit Entertainment as an agency collaborated with Netmarble Corporation to create a game called “BTS WORLD”.

This game does not provide dating simulations for singles, but when playing this game, you are guaranteed to be at the god level. The reason is, in this game you are given the opportunity to become a manager of BTS personnel. So you will help them work in the entertainment industry and become world stars. Therefore, you will feel as if you are actually communicating directly with the members via chat or even phone calls.

Due to the influence of BTS, the game, which was released on June 26, 2019, managed to reach the first rank of free iOS games in 33 countries within the first 14 hours of its launch. So, for you Army or singles, it’s really mandatory to download this one game. 5. ‘Shall We Date? Ninja Love’, Virtual Dating Game With Multiple Ending ‘Shall We Date? Ninja Love’, Virtual Dating Game with Multiple Endings One dating simulation game that has a fairly high rating on Google Play is “Shall We Date? Ninja Love”. Not specifically for men, this game can also be played by women. Players of this game will play a ninja character who is strong but has a very romantic nature. Conflicts in this game will arise when the main player falls in love with his own enemy. Because he must choose to be loyal to his love or his allies. “Shall We Date? Ninja Love” is quite exciting. Because this game presents a different ending story, depending on how the player interacts with the other characters in this game.

6. Feel the Sensation of Dating on a Pirate Ship Through the Game ‘Pirates In Love’ Feel the Sensation of Dating on a Pirate Ship Through the Game ‘Pirates in Love’ The next fun virtual dating game to play is “Pirates in Love”. In this game, the main player is a woman who is on a pirate ship sailing in the ocean. The main player is the only woman on the ship.

Not alone, he was accompanied by six handsome men, one of whom could be the lover of the main player. But to play this game, the user must be 13 years and over. This is because “Pirates in Love” is colored with several scenes of violence to the use of narcotics.

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