Cigarettes So Menstruation Doesn’t Hurt

KUPASONLINE.COM — Control Cigarettes So Menstruation Doesn’t Hurt We’ve seen a lot about the dangers of cigarettes other than on TV, newspapers and pamphlets but why are there still many people who can’t stop smoking? because in every cigarette there is a substance that makes people addicted that makes people addicted to continue to enjoy it. Apart from causing heart attacks, impotence, and pregnancy disorders it also causes menstruation and pain for you women, irregularities in the cycle and a disturbing and common problem for women all over the world. These problems are to some extent not taken very seriously but can then be dangerous if the sufferer himself reaches this conclusion. The doctor will decide whether this “male-related problem” is serious or not. The arrival of menstruation and the cessation of it are two of the most important events in a woman’s life. This occurrence in them is very burdensome to the mind and body. Above all it gets worse because these two occurrences are accompanied by a lot of problems and add to the problem. They come and go with pain and trauma for women. And there is hardly any business for this rule. All women suffer from it, even though the magnitude is certain.

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