13 of the Best Beaches in Mentawai, It’s A Must Try for Surfers

surfing for the suffers

The Mentawai Islands are one of the places with a string of beaches with sea waves. Despite its fame, Mentawai ranks fourth in the world for best-surfing waves.

Here are some of the best beaches in the Mentawai Islands that surfers should visit. 1.

1. Simakakang Beach

simakakang beach

Simakakang Beach is one of the most well-known surfing destinations. To get there, you can take a small boat or generalship that can be delivered to the beach. The big waves really pump up the adrenaline of the surfers who come here World. Despite the large waves, many tourists come with their families to relax and enjoy themselves. Children can play on white beach sand with a very fine texture.

2. Katiet Beach

katiet beach

Katiet Beach, located in South Sipora, is the next beach tourism destination. This beach is well-known for its clean white sand, which is both refreshing. Many visitors claim that seeing the sand on Katiet Beach makes them want to sleep.

Furthermore, the clear blue sea water and coconut trees that surround it. Similarly to Makakang Beach, this beach is highly sought after by surfers looking. Never try to surf there if you are not a professional in that field.

3. Simatalu Beach

Simatai Beach is the ideal destination for those with World Health. This is because the Simatalu tribe lives on this beach. This beach is well-known for its distinctive scenery, namely yellow ivory. Because the sand on this beach is a slightly unusual color, ivory yellow, it is all the coast is also dotted with rocks, which add to the beauty of Simatalu Beaches.

4. Pokai Beach

pokai beach

Pokai Beach Simalegi Village, North Siberut District, Mentawai Islands Regency. This stunning beach has a stretch of fine brown sand and is surrounded by the clean. The amazing beautiful view combined with the massive sea waves piques. The big waves are ready to swing your surfboard all the way to the middle of the sea. this is one of the most difficult beach activities. Other water sports to try include banana boating and simply sitting back and admiring.

5. Siruso Beach

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