5 Tourist Attractions in Germany, One Step Towards Past Splendor

KUPASONLINE.COM — TouristTourist attractions in Germany present a view of the splendor of civilization in the past, as evidenced by the existence of magnificent, classical architecture.

And don’t be surprised either, if the tourist attractions in Germany have a very high historical value. Understandably, many world leaders were born in this country, which had a big impact on human civilization.

But before we continue the review of tourist attractions in Germany, the author needs to convey that the flood disaster that occurred a few months ago in Germany, especially in western GermanyGermany, has destroyed several popular natural attractions.

One of those affected is the Ahr Valley. Most of the popular natural attractions in Germany were damaged. Until the parties related to the tourism sector in Germany think hard to present tourist attractions that are able to adapt to the climate.

Fortunately, buildings or monuments of high historical value were not significantly affected. And here are some tourist attractions in Germany that we have summarized for you.

5 TouristTourist Attractions in Germany

1. Brandenburg Gate

The first place that must be visited is the Brandenburg Gate, which is a gate with a neo-classical style built by the King of Prussia Frederisck William II.

Brandenburg Gate was built in 1791 and is a symbol of peace. It is located west of Pariser Platz Square, the junction between Unter Den Linden and EbertstrabeEbertstrabe.

The shape is very unique and is the work of Carl Gotthard Langhans, who was inspired by the Acropolis gate in Athens, Greece.

2. Frauenkirche

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