5 Tourist Attractions in England, Travel to the Land of Scientists

KUPASONLINE.COM — Tourist attractions in England offer the charm of the beauty of historical buildings, as well as natural views that will spoil the eyes of tourists.

But before we discuss tourist attractions in England further, it should also be noted that England has given birth to many scientists who have influenced civilization in the world. Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin are two of the many famous scientists from England.
This is at least to inspire all parties, any country, and anyone. That developed countries in the world still maintain their cultural values and their original history.

Including tourist attractions in England, a touch of culture, history, is an integral part. Especially tourist destinations in the form of architectural buildings, or palaces.

5 Tourist Attractions in England

1.Big Ben
Big Ben is a tourist spot in London, England, as well as an icon of England. Until this year, Big Ben’s age has reached 162 years.

Big Ben is actually the name of a bell that is in the clock tower. However, over time, the diction refers to the entire tower.

Tourists are more familiar with the mention of Big Ben, but the official name of the building is Elizabeth Tower.

Big Ben Clock Tower, or Elizabeth Tower has a height of 96.3 meters. The design of the tower is classic, majestic and covered in history.

This area can also be a romantic tourist spot in London, England, especially at night. This giant clock is a witness to your romantic tour in England.

2. Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle, although its main function is as the residence of the British royal family, on the other hand it can also be an iconic historical tourist destination.

The sensation offered is when you walk around the area, as if one day you become a king, and forget that today is modern era.

The view of the palace is magnificent, artistic, able to invite the imagination of tourists to step back into the past. The atmosphere is also comfortable and quiet, and has a charming natural view. In addition, Windsor Castle is able to become an educational tour in England.

3. Eden Project

The next tourist spot in England is called the Eden Project. This tourist spot was built in 1998, but only opened to the public on March 17, 2001.

The Eden Project has the main attraction as an educational, romantic and instagrammable natural tourist destination in England. The Eden Project is a botanical garden, which is characterized by a giant white dome.

The atmosphere during the day and night offers different sensations. When night falls, the area will be decorated with colorful lights, which makes the atmosphere even more romantic.


Stone means stone, while Henge means circle. It is called Stonehenge because the tourist attractions in England are rocks that are thousands of years old, which are surrounded by a moat that forms a circle.

Stonehenge currently has the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Note for those of you who want to visit the place, don’t climb onto the rocks, and damage the position of the rocks.

Because a few years ago, the position of the stones had changed due to the large number of visitors who wanted to climb on top of the stones.

Until now, the exact history of Stonehenge, from the year to its use, is still in the research stage. So that there are still differences of opinion from various groups regarding the overall history of Stonehenge.

Stonehenge’s location and address is in Salisbury, SP4 7DE, United Kingdom.

5. Hebden

As the author promised at the beginning of the paragraph, that the tourist attractions reviewed are tourist attractions that combine natural beauty, history, and original culture which are still maintained today.

Including tourist attractions in England on this one called Hebden, or Hebden Village. The attraction is the beautiful natural charm, combined with old traditions that are still sustainable today.

This area is also a very historical area. This is reflected in the architecture of the building which is still classic. The friendliness of the people is also very well known to tourists.

Hebded’s location and address is in Skipton, United Kingdom.

Those are tourist attractions in England that are recommended to visit. Actually there are many other tourist attractions that are very suitable to be used as tourist destinations during the holidays.

Tour packages in England can also be grouped based on the most beautiful cities in England, starting from London, Manchester and other cities. Or based on season, nature tourism, and based on historic architecture.(*)

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