5 Tourist Attractions in England, Travel to the Land of Scientists

KUPASONLINE.COM — Tourist attractions in England offer the charm of the beauty of historical buildings, as well as natural views that will spoil the eyes of tourists.

But before we discuss tourist attractions in England further, it should also be noted that England has given birth to many scientists who have influenced civilization in the world. Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin are two of the many famous scientists from England.
This is at least to inspire all parties, any country, and anyone. That developed countries in the world still maintain their cultural values and their original history.

Including tourist attractions in England, a touch of culture, history, is an integral part. Especially tourist destinations in the form of architectural buildings, or palaces.

5 Tourist Attractions in England

1.Big Ben
Big Ben is a tourist spot in London, England, as well as an icon of England. Until this year, Big Ben’s age has reached 162 years.

Big Ben is actually the name of a bell that is in the clock tower. However, over time, the diction refers to the entire tower.

Tourists are more familiar with the mention of Big Ben, but the official name of the building is Elizabeth Tower.

Big Ben Clock Tower, or Elizabeth Tower has a height of 96.3 meters. The design of the tower is classic, majestic and covered in history.

This area can also be a romantic tourist spot in London, England, especially at night. This giant clock is a witness to your romantic tour in England.

2. Windsor Castle

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