5 Tourist Attractions in Canada, a Charming Multicultural Country

KUPASONLINE.COM — Tourist attractions in Canada are very diverse. Presented from tourist attractions with modern concepts, to classic and historic buildings.

For nature tourism in Canada, there’s no doubt about it. Many natural attractions that can be visited, and will really spoil the eyes of tourists. One of them is the very famous Rocky Mountains, and Niagara Falls.

There is one thing that is unique when you visit Canada. If you are fluent in English, then in Canada it is not a guarantee to be able to communicate with the people there.

Because Canada is known as a multicultural country, inhabited by various ethnicities, as well as a very large immigrant population.

Canada is the largest country in North America. The area of Canada is 9,970,610 square kilometers. Canada is classified as a developed country and its economy depends mainly on the abundant availability of natural products.

5 Tourist Attractions in Canada

1.Parliamentary Hill

The attraction of Parliament Hill is the government building of the State of Canada, as well as the political and cultural center of the country.

On the other hand, its classic shape, magnificent nana is the next attraction for tourists. Initially the government building for this tourist spot in Canada was used as a center for military activities in the 18th century, then in 1859 it changed its function to become a place for government activities.

On the right and left Parliament Hill is flanked by two buildings that function as offices. Both buildings have the same architecture. The width of the building stretches wide in front of the courtyard which is usually used as a gathering place for residents.

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