6 Most Popular Historical Tourism Destinations in Afghanistan, Aesthetics!

KUPASONLINE.COM — Afghanistan is a country in the Middle East with many historical buildings. Not a few of these buildings are opened as tourist attractions. Besides being able to enjoy the captivating scenery, tourists can also add insight.

If you have time to vacation in Afghanistan, here are six historical tours that you can visit in Afghanistan. Everything looks beautiful and very aesthetic, you know!

1. Babur Garden
Babur Garden is the most popular tourist destination in Afghanistan. It was built at the beginning of the reign of the Mughal Empire and was used as a recreation for Emperor Babur.

In addition to beautiful green plants, this park is also surrounded by walls. Inside the park there is a building in the form of the tomb of Emperor Babur. In 2009, this park was named a world heritage.

2. Minaret of Jam

In Afghanistan there is a beautiful tower made of red brick and blue mosaic pieces. This tower rises in the middle of a valley surrounded by mountains, right near the Hari River.

To get to this tour, visitors must travel 215 kilometers from the city center. Even though it is far away, it is worth the beautiful scenery that you will get.

3. Buddhas of Bamiyan Statue

In the past, this place had two standing Buddha statues carved into the side of a gorge in the Bamiyan Valley. But unfortunately, the statue was destroyed by an attack in March 2001.

The Buddha statue was probably built in the 5th or 6th century. Both of these statues were included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2003.

4. Daral Aman Palace

When compared to other historical buildings, Daral Aman Palace can be said to be quite unique. The reason is, the building built by King Amanullah Khan is only the remains of the ruins.

Nonetheless, Daral Aman Palace has a history that makes it worth visiting. This building with European architecture was built in 1920 as a symbol of glory in the city of Kabul.

5. Herat Citadel

Herat Citadel or in the local language called Qala Iktyaruddin is one of the historical places that you must visit in Afghanistan. This place was built around 330 BC.

This building stands on a fort built by Alexander the Great. Since 2005, the Herat Citadel has been made into a museum.

6. Taq-e Zafar
Taq-e Zafar is a park with a monument in it. The monument was built to commemorate Afghanistan’s independence after the Anglo-Afghan War.

This monument was completed in 1928. Taq-e Zafar was built during the reign of King Amanullah Khan who reigned in 1919-1929.

The six historical places in Afghanistan above can be a choice of attractive tourist destinations for you. Learning history becomes more exciting and fun there. Which place do you want to visit first?(*)

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