Chorus of outrage against Kanye West grows as antisemitic incidents rattle LA

Chorus of outrage against Kanye West grows as antisemitic incidents rattle LA — Kanye West is facing a growing backlash among California political leaders, entertainment industry figures and members of the Jewish community – who have called on Adidas to cut ties with the star – following several antisemitic incidents in Los Angeles that came after the artist made bigoted comments about Jewish people.

The fashion designer and rapper now known as Ye has been spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories for weeks in interviews and on social media. He generated further outrage for wearing a “white lives matter” T-shirt during his runway show at Paris fashion week earlier this month.

On Monday, several politicians – including congresswoman and LA mayoral candidate Karen Bass and Scott Weiner, a state senator and vice-chair of the California Legislative Jewish Caucus – condemned Ye’s behavior and urged the sportswear brand to sever ties with him.

They referenced an incident over the weekend in which protesters on a freeway overpass were photographed giving Nazi salutes with banners referencing antisemitic comments made by Ye. In addition, Los Angeles police are investigating a recent distribution around the city of flyers spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories.

“We must all condemn the hate spewed by Kanye West, which has real consequences that we saw in Los Angeles this weekend,” Bass said on Twitter. “Until they sever ties, Adidas is enabling and financing his hate – they must act now.”

Ye has a history of courting controversy, including his 2020 run for president and claims that slavery was a “choice”. But Ye, who is bipolar, has experienced relatively few repercussions from past comments.

His latest comments however have sparked widespread backlash, including calls for a boycott of Ye, and led Instagram and Twitter to suspend his accounts.

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