How to quickly treat hemorrhoid disease

Quick Ways to Treat Piles Disease—Hemorrhoids are a common disease. There are also various methods of curing hemorrhoids, from self-administration at home to medical methods.

The stage of action is also tried based on the severity of the hemorrhoid experienced.

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are diseases that arise when the blood vessels at the base of the rectum or anus experience swelling due to an increase in the center of gravity at the base of the stomach.

The disease, known as hemorrhoids medicine, can be caused by many things, ranging from the regularity of pushing very hard, leaning very long, to carrying heavy weights regularly. Hemorrhoids can also be triggered by special situations, such as hemorrhoids, pregnancy, to aspects of generation.

Types of hemorrhoids and their characteristics

Based on the position of appearance, hemorrhoid disease can be divided into 2 types, namely:

Internal hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids or internal hemorrhoids are generally not visible from the outside, but when they face a bulge. This type of hemorrhoid originates in the rectum, which is the last part of the large intestine and just before the anus.

Internal hemorrhoids usually don’t cause pain if they haven’t appeared until they leave the anus, but they can cause you to face bleeding.

External hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids are created on the outside of the anus or more precisely near the anal canal. This type of hemorrhoid is usually indicated by a feeling of tingling and twisting near the anus, and a bulge or swelling near the anus and bleeding.

Although hemorrhoids are harmless and will usually get better on their own, they can cause insecurity and stinging. However, you can do some simple methods to treat and ease the symptoms of hemorrhoids that arise.

Methods for Healing Hemorrhoids the Independent Way

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