Latest Love Sayings – Aphorisms

Latest Love Sayings – Aphorisms “If we love someone, we will always pray for him even though he is not by our side.” “God gave us two feet to walk, two hands to hold, two ears to hear and two eyes to see. But why did God only give us a piece of heart? Because God has given another piece of heart to someone for us to look for. That is love …” “Don’t ever say goodbye if you’re still willing to try.

Don’t ever give up if you still feel up to it. Don’t ever say you don’t love him anymore, if you still can’t get over him.” “Love comes to people who still have hope, even though they have been disappointed. To those who still believe, even though they have been betrayed.

To those who still want to love, even though they have been hurt before and To those who have the courage and faith to rebuild trust.” “Don’t save words of love to your loved ones so that he dies because in the end you have to write those words of love on his grave. Instead, say the words of love that are stored in your mind now while there is life.”

“Maybe God wants us to meet and make love to the wrong person before meeting the right person, we must understand how to be grateful for that gift.”

“Love can turn bitter into sweet, dust into gold, cloudy into clear, pain into healing, prison into a lake, pain into pleasure and anger into grace.” “It hurts to love someone who doesn’t love you, but it hurts more… love someone and you never have the courage to confess your love to him.” “If you want to love or have a girl’s heart, it’s like editing a red rose. Sometimes you smell the rose, but sometimes you feel the thorns of the rose prick your finger.”

“The sad thing in life is when you meet someone who means a lot to you, only to find that it ends up being meaningless and you have to let it go. Sometimes you don’t appreciate people who love you with all your heart, so you lose them.” “At that time, there was no use regretting leaving without another word. Love someone based on who he is now and not who he was before.”

“The story of the past does not need to be brought up again, I hope you really love him with all your heart.” “Be careful with love, because love can also make healthy people sick, fat people become thin, normal people become crazy, rich people become poor, kings become slaves, if his love is welcomed by FAKE lovers.”

“It is possible that what you love or love is hidden in evil and perhaps what you hate is stored good in it.” “Love for wealth means miserliness, love for women means nature, love for self means wisdom, love for death means life and love for God means piety.” “Throw a man who is happy in love into the sea, he will surely bring a fish.” “Throw a man who fails to make love into the storehouse of bread, he will surely starve to death.” “If you could speak all the languages ​​of man and nature, but had no feelings of love and affection, you would be like a resounding gong or a tinkling cymbal.” “Love is eternity… and memories are the most beautiful thing you can ever have.

Anyone is good at living love, but no one is good at judging love because love is not an object that can be seen with the naked eye, on the contrary love can only be felt through the heart and feelings. “Love can soften iron, crush stone, raise the dead and breathe life into them and make slaves rulers. This is the power of love.” “Real love is letting the person you love be themselves and not turning them into the image you want them to be.

Otherwise, you only love the reflection of yourself that you find in him.” “You never know when you will fall in love. But when that time comes, grab it with both your hands and don’t let him go with a million questions in his heart.” “Love is not a cheap and common word spoken by word of mouth, but love is a beautiful and holy gift from God if humans can judge its holiness.” “To love is easy, to be loved is also easy.

But to be loved by those we love is what is hard to come by.” “If the presence of love is just to disappoint, it’s better that love never comes.” “Love is not blind. Love is something pure, noble and necessary.” “What is blind is when love overwhelms you without any consideration. It’s not called the sea if the water is not choppy, it’s not called love if the feeling is never hurt, it’s not called a lover if the heart never feels longing and jealous.”(*)

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