How to Make Google Ads, Check out the Full Review

There are many methods that business owners can try to reach a larger target audience, one of which is by implementing Google Ads.

By knowing the Google Ads record method and carrying out promotions in it, your business can get more traffic and marketing.

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As we know, most people nowadays want to go to Google to find the data or products they need.

By carrying out promotions on Google, business owners will have a great opportunity to get the attention of targeted clients.

More than 90% of internet consumers in Indonesia use the Google search engine to find the data they need.

This is evidenced by the Stats Counter Outline information which shows that Google has a market share of 96.84 percent in search engines, YANDEX RU is 1.32 percent, Yahoo is 1.07 percent, and Bing is 0.43 percent. DuckDuckGo at 0.29 percent, and Baidu at 0.02 percent.

Things that need to be prepared before placing a promotion on Google:

1. Confirm the Purpose of the Ad

2. Make sure the place to advertise

3. Keyword Study (Keyword)

4. Make sure your payment calculation

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