How to Deal with Problems! Forget Your Problems, Don’t Think All the Time

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How to Deal with Problem–Imagine a glass half filled with water, then you are asked
to hold it with one hand.

Then imagine half a glass of this water you hold then add water little by little.

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The question is how long do you able to hold the glass until You feel tired. Of course, everyone has different abilities. Some are 10 minutes, Some are 20 minutes some even survive up to half an hour.

But of course, the longer the water is poured, the more the weight and endurance of our arms for holding this glass will be more reduced.

What if this glass is us put it somewhere and then we take it and we take it back of course. That matter will be even lighter than must be held without pause. Parable it describes the problems we face every day. The more we focus on The problem our life will get better burdened. As for those who are able to withstand  the burden for a long time
but there are also those who can’t bear the burden so otherwise strong faith, there are those who dare to arrive
ended his life because he couldn’t solve life’s problems.

No one is free from problems regardless of whether small or the magnitude of the problem even people even what you think is rich look happy and look Prosperous, but it saves a variety of complex problems.

For example, the problem of corruption his son is involved in drugs divorce, and other problems.

But how do we behave? To the problem. Everyone must have different ways.

There are those who run from problems until there are which also adds to the new problem. The person who always binds himself with problems, it’s like holding a glass filled with water The longer he holds it, the more burdened he becomes.

Especially if water is added. Unlike the person who put the glass first. Putting the glass The problem is first, then
take it back. Of course, to be more light. Letting go of the problem doesn’t mean we forget the problem. Like
we run to drugs that even it will only add new problems. However, forgetting all this trouble is necessary
to regulate or take a breath. But must be accompanied by the right time.

Fly Like An Eagle And Rise

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