Important Things to Know About Wedding Organizer

Important Things to Know About Wedding Organizer

Doing a wedding, of course, requires a lot of knowledge about the wedding event. As is the case with wedding planners, wedding stylists as well as wedding coordinators. Do you know the difference between all three? Lucky if you already know. But what about those who are less knowledgeable about weddings?

From him, in the marriage category will discuss the three. Therefore, read this article carefully to the end so that you can understand and understand the differences between the three.
Wedding Planner

First, the wedding planner. Everything is related to logistics, from choosing vendors, and contract negotiations, to the implementation of the wedding day, a wedding planner here will help carry out all tasks so that there are no obstacles at all. The wedding planner will adjust to your budget and handle all the logistics. Only a wedding planner with years of experience can ensure that all preparations run perfectly.
Wedding Stylist

The second is a wedding stylist at a wedding, providing consulting services for everything related to the concept so that later your wedding will look harmonious. From decorating plans, lighting, floral designs, furniture, and invitations, to clothes worn by brides, families, and bridesmaids. A wedding stylist will help the bride and groom to decide the right thing.
Wedding Coordinator

The wedding coordinator is the last thing that needs to be known whose function is to take care of all logistical needs, and the working period is shorter than wedding planners and wedding stylists. The wedding coordinator will confirm with the vendor and make a timeline for processing, including ensuring that payment has been made. His job is to monitor the incoming and outgoing process of all goods coming from the vendor to the wedding location, making sure nothing is left behind and keeping the vendor on time.

How are those three wedding organizers that need to be known, are the differences between each role in this wedding organizer clear? Hopefully, this information can be useful for those of you who are preparing for a wedding.(*)

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