The Latest Trends Among Teens Like Exchanging Fun Photos

The Latest Trends Among Teens Like Exchanging Fun Photos

The more developed the world of technology, the more strange events can shock the virtual world. As reported by one of the sites, some time ago there was a new trend among teenagers that made an uproar even sadder that this trend was carried out by high school children.
There have been many chats and video-call applications that can help humans live this modern life. But remember that technology can also damage someone if it is used in that is not in its function and of course it can damage morals and behavior, for example, the phenomenon of exchanging nude photos and videos that are mushrooming among school teenagers.
It was even recorded, as many as 34.7 percent of teenagers had sent their nude photos and videos for their girlfriends or close friends to see. Most of them, namely 50.5 percent, admitted that they had distributed nude photos/videos that they had received from exchanging pornographic content for certain reasons.

As reported by one of the sites revealed by a survey conducted to 106 students spread across Jabodetabek, Yogyakarta, and Bandung. Even worse, of them (about 42.1 percent) have a chat group to exchange nude photos and videos.
One source said, “How about it, if a girl feels comfortable, she doesn’t have a problem sending me photos like that,”

In closing, in order to avoid these deviant actions, teenagers who are active on social media should take positive actions that can be done on social media. Like making a cover of a song or a short film, or just self-actualization with a hobby you have.

The point is to fill your time with positive things so you can forget about such fads. Because this if done continuously will certainly be dangerous and have bad effects later. Especially for teenagers.

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