Sexually Transmitted Diseases Spread Among Adolescents

KUPASONLINE.COM —Sexually Transmitted Diseases Spread Among Adolescents There are many kinds of diseases that arise and are suffered by humans today and for teenagers, the most common are sexually transmitted diseases because it is easier for our teenagers to get along with people who are too far away.

There are many types of sexually transmitted diseases including syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes and the most frightening is HIV AIDS. To find out more about sexually transmitted diseases, let’s discuss what STDs are. What is a sexually transmitted disease? Sexually transmitted disease is a disease associated with human sexual organs. Why can someone get a sexually transmitted disease?

A person can get a sexually transmitted disease because he has sex with someone who has a sexually transmitted disease. However, in addition to the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases can be through the following activities, including:
1. Having sex with people with sexually transmitted diseases
2. Blood transfusions using used syringes from patients with sexually transmitted diseases Recently, sexually transmitted diseases are very popular, especially for people who live in big cities. In fact, logically, the higher human civilization should be, the higher the level of awareness of health, but what happens is the opposite.

Is something wrong? Yes, just try it if we look at the modern lifestyle in big cities. What do we think? Promiscuity and multiple partners are common. Free sex is a self-actualization and proof that city people are open minded.

Eastern cultures that were once firmly attached to society in our country, are now ignored. As a result, we can see for ourselves, a lot of people are suffering from sexually transmitted diseases. One of the most serious sexually transmitted diseases is HIV AIDS.

This disease is one of the most common diseases in modern society, especially in urban areas. Every year, the number of people dying from AIDS increases sharply.

That’s not much, because actually AIDS is like an iceberg, meaning that only a few are visible on the surface. It could be that only 1000 are caught when the original could be more than that. AIDS is a deadly sexually transmitted disease. It is certain that people who have AIDS will die. Until now AIDS still can not be found a cure. If there is one available instead of a cure, but a drug to inhibit the spread of the virus.

The most important thing that must be owned by someone who wants to avoid this disease is to live a healthy life, there is no more recipe than a healthy life. Healthy living in this case is not only related to physical problems, such as: eating nutritious food, exercise, etc., but also healthy living from a non-physical perspective, for example being loyal to your partner, for those who are not married, don’t get caught up in promiscuity, and discipline an unfavorable lifestyle. Sexually transmitted diseases

Some say that when we remember the negative things that we will pick, then we will not do it. A slight deviation can be fatal. Perpetrators can also be excommunicated from the association. Just think about what people would do when they found out someone had AIDS. Compare with flu, fever, or the like. When we hear the words AIDS, we may already be afraid, let alone face to face with sufferers. Isn’t that right? Physically healthy life is said to be easy to do, but a healthy life from a non-physical perspective is said to be difficult. Why not, even though they already know what consequences they will receive when they do things that are not appropriate, but what happens is the opposite, the number of perpetrators of promiscuity is actually increasing from year to year, even teenagers who are still young are also participating. -Join to plunge in the world of promiscuity. If they knew what the consequences of promiscuity would be, what would happen? Or maybe many of them already know the consequences but pretend they don’t? Hopefully this article about sexually transmitted diseases can be useful, amen! If you are currently infected with sexually transmitted diseases caused by promiscuity, then traditional medicine can be the solution.

As done by Traditional Medicine Mrs. Djamilah Najmuddin, a traditional medicine that has long been able to cure various sexually transmitted diseases. On the official website there is evidence of laboratory results of patients who have recovered. This shows that this treatment is not a perfunctory treatment. Therefore, immediately treat your disease before it gets worse.(*)

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