Know Your Love Language And Your Partner For A More Harmonious Relationship

Know Your Love Language And Partner For A More Harmonious Relationship—Who is not familiar with love language, or you don’t know it yet? Love language, or more commonly known as Love Language is the way we express and receive love from other people.

Well, it turns out that there are many kinds of love languages, you know! 5 Types of Love Languages

1. Words of Affirmation Individuals with love language words of affirmation feel more loved and happy if their partner sends sweet words, such as words of encouragement, praise, or support. Saying “I love you” or encouraging words like “Cheer up, I’m sure you can do it” will make your partner feel loved and cared for.

2. Gifts Gifts can be called the universal language of love, because almost all cultures consider gift-giving as an expression of love. Someone with this love language does not expect expensive or extravagant gifts from their partners, but gifts that are given with a specific purpose and intention, such as an expression that you are thinking about them.

3. Acts of Service

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