The New Term of Love Archetype or the Concept of Love, How to Know It?

KUPASONLINE.COM — Besides love language, there is a new term called love archetype or the concept of love. Love archetype can be interpreted as a person’s way of working in a relationship.

Dr Carmen Harra, author of Committed: Finding Love and Loyalty Through the Seven Archetypes, told the Daily Mail that the concept of love provides insight into the motivations behind certain behaviors and guides us to make decisions in happier and healthier relationships.

“As a psychologist who has heard tens of thousands of cases, I am beginning to understand that personality traits descend from archetypes. I noticed that people come with a set of characteristics,” he says. Then how to know the concept of love that we have? Starting from the existence of a new application, dimensional, which is a series of personality tests to help people better understand themselves in the world of love.

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