The Latest Discoveries in Education

The Latest Discoveries in Education— 1. Van Robotics ABii Van Robotics ABii is a robot tutor created by Laura Boccanfuso, CEO of Van Robotics. He developed the ABii robot, a tutor robot designed to close the gap in math and reading abilities of K-5 students (the American term for education from kindergarten through fifth grade). This tool will work as a teacher, given the large number of children who choose to learn from home, with a curriculum created by a certified educator.

This innovation uses cameras to detect changes in students’ attention and optimizes the tutoring approach to suit each student.

2. Duolingo ABC next is a language learning application called Duolingo ABC. The Duolingo company is facing a new challenge, namely child literacy.

Duolingo ABC can be used for preschoolers through first grade. This new app is like an interactive Sesame Street segment that teaches kids the basics of reading in fun and simple lessons. Duolingo ABC Senior Product Manager, Laura Shih believes that this product can help reduce global illiteracy rates.


The next innovation is an affordable online learning platform for higher education designed by Outlier. This platform is built by people who design online learning like MasterClass.

Outlier offers distance college courses for credit through the University of Pittsburgh. Some of the courses you can take include calculus, astronomy, psychology, and statistics taught by top professors from schools like Yale and NYU, and created with high production values ​​not usually seen in online education.

4. Kiri Toys Another best innovation in education is the screenless learning media with multi-sensor technology, Kiri Toys. Kiri toys are a medium for practical and fun learning by using a library of various subjects that continues to grow.

This medium is capable of teaching all tile packages in Chinese, Spanish, and English and is equipped with LED lighting, sound or speaker blocks, and physical play. Kiri Toys as one of the best innovations can be used for children aged over one year.

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