Rows of Celebrities Who Own Cruises

Rows of Celebrities Who Own Cruises

The life of a movie star is filled with riches and glamour.

Some sort of line of movie stars on this cruise ship, which is sure to have a lot of wealth. Who are you?

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Yes, they not only have luxurious residences and a glamorous lifestyle, but also elegant cruise ships.

Not to be confused, because the movie star owns this excursion boat that has long been stuck in the entertainment factory. Not only film stars, there are also singers who enter the record of film stars owning a cruise ship. Eric Clapton who is a British singer in the 1960s. The singer of the song ‘Wonderful Tonight’ has owned the cruise ship, Va Bene, since 2005.

Johnny Depp

Movie star Johnny Depp is also one of the movie stars owning a cruise ship.

The former Amber Heard has also been a hero in Hollywood cinema since the 1980s.

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