The USA and Saudi Arabia’s Friendship

USA and Saudi Arabia Friendship

For people who have not had time to study the origin of the earth, of course, are confused by the actions of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia which always supports the Syndicate America’s aggression in the Middle East. There are even those who are not convinced that Saudi Arabia defends the superpower country more than the believing countries.

So far they have only assumed that Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country, where the land is clean because there is the Kaaba and the Prophet’s Violation. Therefore, Saudi Arabia deserves to be a reference for other believing countries, especially for Indonesians.

Meanwhile, what Saudi Arabia is trying to do is contrary to the views of innocent believers. Saudi Arabia is even hostile to other Muslim countries. This kingdom also did not try to help release the country of believers who were oppressed by the Syndicate America and Israel.

That’s why it’s good to open back what and how the origin of the creation of intimacy between Saudi Arabia and America

The Ottoman Empire was successfully torn apart by the Syndicate America and its allies. In this case, it is the position of Saudi Arabia that is behind the wheel by helping the entry of the British hordes into the Middle East area.

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