Things to Ask Couples Before Getting Married

KUPASONLINE.COM — Thinking about getting married? That’s a good thing because getting married gives each other freedom. But you also have to know that getting married is not an easy matter, nor is it a children’s toy played by adults. There are many things you should consider before finally deciding to marry your partner.

If not, then gradually the marriage will have an unhappy ending and no married couple wants that kind of thing. In today’s era, it is proven that there are many marriages that do not last long. Ending a husband and wife bond for various reasons, and that includes the old song, the reason ‘it doesn’t fit anymore’ that we often listen to these days.

When you already know there will be incompatibility, then, why did you decide to get married in the first place? Why used to force to match each other?

Therefore, before deciding to get married, it is good and there is nothing wrong if we ask the following things to the couple before seriously stepping into the aisle. Why do you love Me? Like a song, we need to know why he decided to marry us. Can’t love be explained by reason? But, at least, we will know why he loves us and chooses us to be his life partner. Why do you want to spend the rest of your life with me? If the reason our partner is “because I love you” it is not enough. The journey of life is very long. And, the partner must be able to explain and make sure that he is ready to go through the journey with us.

In joy and sorrow. Do you want to do your best to maintain our relationship? Every woman does not want to get sweet things from her partner in the beginning. Such a sweet thing given when he tried to get us. However, we must be able to determine whether he can fight to maintain the relationship, including keeping it romantic.

Will you promise not to leave me? And even the sweet of chocolate can be expired. The sweetness of chocolate alone can expire, so does love. In this case, it is not wrong if we ask our partner to promise not to leave us. Regardless of the situation. Are you willing to give up on our relationship?

In relationships, whether fights are due to trivial things, of course, it can’t be avoided, it has become a common thing that becomes a spice in love stories. However, of course one of them must be able to give in so that the fight does not end in the breakup of the marriage relationship or divorce.

Can you be a good father or mother? After having a baby, we certainly want to give the best for them. Including being a good parent in raising our children. However, this must certainly be in line with the couple. Not only being a good husband or wife, but a good father or mother too. Support in marriage is not only financial but mental support is also necessary.

Especially when we are down and can’t even support ourselves, who else if not our partner? Admin advice, make sure every question we give to a partner, he can give a clear answer. So we don’t have to hesitate anymore to step on the aisle. And, we don’t have to worry anymore, to promise to spend the rest of our lives with him.

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