Here’s How To Make Up The Bride’s Face

Here's How To Make Up The Bride's Face

Bridal makeup, of course, is different from the makeup you use every day.
A bride is not only required to be beautiful but also able to radiate happiness and give a special charm.

There are several things that need to be considered in doing facial makeup for the bride, including the following:

Powder Use
Before applying the powder, the bride’s face should be applied with cream first.
Giving this cream will make the bride’s face softer and supple and keep the makeup long-lasting.

Then apply with a compact powder or cream that is more able to last longer on the facial skin, and layered again with powder so that the face does not look shiny.

Eye Makeup
In order for a bride’s eyes to shine, don’t forget to apply powder eye shadow to the eyes after using eye primer.

Choose eyelashes that are curly and don’t look stiff to frame the eyes to make them more beautiful.

Blush on
The application of blush is needed so that the bride’s face looks fresh and flushed. The use of a large blush brush will make the cheeks look more natural.

Lip Makeup
To make the lipstick color more even and last longer, you can apply powder on the lips first.

The use of a special lip brush can also help make the texture of the lipstick look better. And don’t forget to give a touch of lip gloss so that the bride’s face looks fresher.
The thing to remember is that the application of makeup for indoor and outdoor weddings will of course be quite different. In addition, there are many types of bridal makeup in Indonesia.

If you want to try to become a reliable bridal makeup artist, it never hurts to take a bridal makeup course so that your skills can improve even more.(*)

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