This is a row of Hollywood artists who are labeled sexy, which one is your idol?

Hollywood artists who are labeled sexy

The popularity of Hollywood movie stars does not need to be doubted. So popular magazine covers have become commonplace.

Beauty and sensual looks are one of the capital to survive in the world of Hollywood.

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Charming or not is indeed relative, but we all agree that the 10-Hollywood celebrities that we will discuss below, have a wow face and body even though some are no longer young.

Not only charming, but they can also make sure that the quality of their actions on the big screen deserves appreciation.

Therefore, don’t be confused if some have the title of sex bomb because of the subdivision position they live in.

Curious, who are the ranks of Hollywood movie stars called sex bombs? Next, Popbela has wrapped up for you. Let’s check this out!

1. Scarlett Johansson

Although the lineup of films played by Scarlett is mostly action, it doesn’t dampen the subsection of this Black Widow actor.

This is evidenced by the success of Scarlett as Barbara in the film Don Jon with Joseph Gordon-Levit.

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