Watch the Deadly Duel of Iran vs the United States, the Political Bet of Two Countries.

Deadly Duel Iran vs United States — Duel Iran versus the United States in the 2022 world cup will be a match with a mission that must win for both countries.

This is for tickets to the round of 16 match agenda in 3 Group B World Cup 2022 which will take place at the Al Tumama Stadium on Wednesday 30 November at 02 WIB. Up to match D3, the 2022 World Cup Group B standings were still led by England with a collection of 4 points. Followed by Iran in second place with three points.

Meanwhile, the United States is in third place with 2 points. These conditions made the United States and Iran have to compete fiercely to be able to get tickets to the round of 16. Only a win will send either of the two teams into the knockout stage.

Iran has succeeded in making Group B competition even more fierce after winning 2-0 over Wales in Match D2 on Friday 25 November. Interestingly Iran’s 2 winning goals were scored in the last minutes. Towards the end of the match, the victory also restored Iran’s confidence after being beaten by England 6-2 in the first match.

On Monday, November 21, according to coach Carlos, the victory over Wales was inseparable from his squad’s strong determination to restore self-esteem after being slaughtered by England.

On the other hand, the United States also achieved good results against England. It’s not easy to face a team that just won a landslide victory in the first game. However, the squad as one greater played very disciplined so they could hold England to a goalless draw. These results at least still revive the United States’ chances of qualifying for the round of 16.

The only requirement to achieve that is they have to win in the Iranian contract duel. Meanwhile, Iran could have escaped even though it only won a draw in the match later. However, it is believed that the squad, nicknamed the Melly team, will not be aiming for a draw. Because other competing teams, Wells, still have a chance to qualify. This is the result of the last meeting between Iran and the United States.

The two countries met in the 1998 world cup with a score of 2-1 for Iran to win 2 goals. At that time, Iran was scored by Hamid Stilly and Meidi Mahda Vikia, while the United States could only reduce the lag through Brian Make Bray.

This is the predicted line-up for Iran versus the United States.

Wireless doesn’t have many reasons to replace his main 11 in the match. The positive results achieved when speaking in the second match made him optimistic about his starting line-up.

Several changes may occur considering that there are players who are suspected of being injured. One of them is sardines.

The panic is that the United States will still rely on well-known players such as the police and Western players who are predicted to play their best retainers in this fight. Who will go to the last 16, whether Iran or the United States, considering the tight competition in this group

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